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Originally Posted by StampinHappyInCT View Post
What a terrible thing to manipulate his own son! Frankly, I wouldn't let him go over to his father's house. Explain to your son that this is a matter for the courts and it's best to let a judge handle the situation.

Good luck!

PS --- I've been a lurker in these threads for quite some time now, and everyone's journeys have been truly inspiring. You are all strong and courageous women!
UGH!!! So my son started a new part-time job at Pizza Hut this week... he can keep it while in college since it's 15 min. away, so that's good. Anyway, I had decided I was going to do whatever it took to keep him from going over to his dad's to discuss this college thing. His dad is a JERK for even suggesting it. Anyway, my son was to work from noon to 3. He didn't come home til closer til 4, but I figured he stayed over some (since he is still training). Well, as it turns out, he went right to his dad's so I had NO chance to stop him. DOUBLE UGH!!! Anyway, he came home really upset, not crying but frustrated.... to make a long story short he said his dad said that he has no money for it, and that he just can't pay. My son told me he (my son) started calling his dad on all of the stuff he buys (trips, cars, motorcycle collection, etc.). You know what my ex's RIDICULOUS... DUMB ... response was ... "I have appearances to keep up." OMG? Are you freakin' serious?????? And he told my son that. My son who is taking out $6,500 in student loans to help out. JERK! I am REALLY mad about it. So then he left there not on good terms... his dad just said, "Well, that's it." So my son walked out and came home. I guess his dad kept calling him on the way home but he did not answer. Then as we were talking, his dad texted and said, "I"m sorry. I will try to find the money somehow." WHAT???? I think he called his parents in the meantime and they offered the money, after all his own parents paid for ALL FOUR YEARS of his college.. and he can't even CONTRIBUTE to his own son's? And my son is a MUCH better student that his dad ever was. And not a behavior nightmare! So that's where it stands... court at 9 a.m. tomorrow to let the judge have the final say. I just hope I can get in and out of there... I hate courthouses.

OH, and if this isn't bad enough? I hear that Drew Peterson (if you have heard of this moron who has been accused of killing two of his wives) is going to be in court tomorrow so now it's going to be a media ZOO. Unreal. We live in the same county.

All right... time to take my daughter and her friend to the town fest.... more later! And thank you all for being such wonderful beacons of support!

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