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This is My Story.
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Note: Anyone is welcome to play! You automatically become a Teapotter the first time you play in our challenge. Also, you do not have to write a story. You just have to be inspired by the teapot or by the story about this week's location! Have fun! If this is your first Teapot Tuesday Challenge, please mention that in your commentary so we can be sure to greet you properly, in pure Teapot Tuesday fashion! Your participation in Destination Station is 100% voluntary and not at all required. Just have fun!

This is my story!

1. OMG! Do you all realize that its August! Its Back To School! And Then September! Fall! And then October! Halloween! And then November! Thanksgiving! And then December! Christmas! Oh no! What happened to Summer? Time flies when you are having fun and we have been having fun every week at our teaparties! But you have not seen fun until you have partied with the likes of these three! You'll see!

2. Once upon a time there were three little teapots! Tink, LaRue and Sunshine! They've become such good friends sitting on the shelf together for years and years. They've not been bored at all. They keep each other entertained with wonderful tales of teaparties past. Teaparties their grand parents attended, teaparties their parents attended, teaparties they have attended even though their lives are young and there have not been that many!! They love being a part of this wonderful teapot collection and have enjoyed each other's company! And when the other teapots in the collection started calling them The Three Tea-Migos, they decided to leave the collection and try some of their own ideas! They want the exhiliaration of a wonderful teaparty. Today's The Day, Let's Do It Our Way! We'll Make The Plans, Earn Lots of Fans! Teaparty Planners Extraordinaire!

Meet Tink, the Green One-Eyed Wink
Here's What I Think ~ Make it Wild, Make it Fun!!

Meet Blue LaRue, the Play it Pleasant Guru
This is What To Do ~ Make it Relaxing, Make it Nice!

Meet Sunshine Yellow, the Do It with Food Fellow
Just Do it With Jello ~ Make it Filling, Make it Tastey!

Tink, LaRue, and Sunshine Too!
Planning A Teaparty For Me and You!

3. How could this be so difficult? They all know from the stories they have heard what makes a wonderful teaparty but who'da thunk when it came right down to the nitty gritty, there could be such disagreement in planning for their debut, their kickoff, their opening premier teaparty! There is one thing to do and one thing only! They must determine which direction to go! Wild and Fun, Relaxing and Nice, Filling and Tastey! A combination of the three? How can that be?

Tink brings the humor, wild and wacky, let's tell a joke and fling some stuff kinda fun, specializing in teaparty glee! LaRue brings the sophistication, elegance, keep your pinkies up, lacey table cloth, its all about the abiance, specializing in teaparty class! And finally, Sunshine. Sunshine brings the food, it will be incredible as long as its edible, specializing in the teaparty feast!

4. Tink, LaRue, and Sunshine have decided to attend a Teapot Tuesday Teaparty as they have heard that anything goes on Teapot Tuesday. They have heard they are fun, wacky and wild. They have heard they are classy, elegant, and sophisticated! They have heard the food is to die for! First hand observtion will help them in the decision making process. Can a teaparty be a success when it combines the three elements that these Three Tea-Migos each believe so strongly in? We shall see! I think you know what to do! Afterall, we have been doing this for 157 weeks, you talk about expertise!

Here is the Plan, Stan! Stan is another teabuddy they have brought along. He has always hung out with The Three Tea-Migos because he loves color! Especially Green, Blue and Yellow! You see, Stan is a plain white teapot and as wonderful as than can be, he longs for color! Back to the Plan, Stan! We're having a teaparty for Tink, LaRue and Sunshine too! Let's just show them what we can do! Light-hearted, upbeat, beautiful, wonderful, colorful things. Let's encourage these three, fill them with joy and show them what can be done for others through a Teapot Tuesday Teaparty! From flowers, to food, to comical characters. Its wide open this week! You get extra cookies if you keep it light hearted, fun and *young*. That's what these three can relate to! Time to show off Teapotters! Show our stuff to the likes of The Three Tea-Migos! And don't forget Stan, bring his favorite colors!

Guess what? Its a Teapot Tuesday Color Challenge! Bring happy and upbeat cards in specific colors! I don't know any fancy SU names for the colors of the teapots. So, just make your cards in Green, Yellow, and Blue! That's what to do!


This week's destination is various locations across many many miles. If you would like a destination for your card this week, how about sending it to one of the kids of Hugs and Hope Club for Sick Kids. Hugs and Hope is an internet-based group of caring people who are devoted to providing smiles for kids with serious illnesses, injuries or handicaps.The Club was created by Marsha Jordan in October 2000, as a ministry of encouragement for children battling critical illness. Visitors to the site pray for, encourage, and send these children cheerful, special, handmade cards (a.k.a."happy mail"). That is where we come in this week!

For more information on who to mail your card to if you chose to participate, please visit Post #240 in the Destination Station thread. Please remember that just because you participate in a Teapot Tuesday challenge that is combined with a card drive request, it does not mean that you are REQUIRED to send your cards. It is totally 100% voluntary!

Here is my card.

Here is a Quick Link to the Teapot Tuesday #157 Challenge Gallery .

Be sure to you use KEYWORD MMTPT157 in your upload and post a comment here so we can all see your card!

Ever want to get a jump on next week's challenge card? SCS has given me permission to create an email Teapot Tuesday Cheater Group and email the challenge out on the Friday before the Tuesday of the challenge so you girls can have the weekend to make your card. Send me a pm with your email address if you wanna be a Cheater! If you dont' want to cheat, I am posting a sneak peak on my blog each week showing you a glimpse of the following week's teapot as well as a hint of the story! It's at the end of the Teapot Tuesday Post each week. I usually post it sometimes during the weekend before the next Tuesday!

If you are confused about these challenges, see the first sticky post of this thread for more information. There is also a directory of individual challenges. Feel free to grab this I survived Teapot Tuesday Badge for your blog!
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