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I tried to take a nap, and couldn't get all this CRAP out of my mind!!! I am not sure what made me start telling my story. I pray no one else has to go through what I did!!!

The only positive thing that happened next is that when Don got home that day, I confronted him, and he admitted to it all. It was a terrible day, night, week, month, and years since then. I ended up in the hospital for two months. My daughter moved in with her boyfriend's family, my son moved in with his cousin. I stayed in the house as long as I could. Eventually, I had to leave. I couldn't stand the thought of what had happened in that house. We lived there for 20+years. It was the only home my kids knew!!! It was very hard. My daughter was 19 yrs. old when I found out, so I couldn't have him arrested, and Shanna didn't want to. Luckily, neither of our children had to be present at our divorce trial. My Ex found out two days before trial, that he had to plead the fifth, or would be prosecuted by the state. So, I had a judge that started the trial by saying that my Ex had the right to plead the fifth amendment, but he was taking that as a sign of guilt. My counselor testified for me, and it was a long two day trial. I never imagined that he would not pay a house payment for almost five months, which went against my credit, too. I got maintenance for three years, until I got remarried.

Abuse changes who you are, holds you back from being as great as you can be. It can destroy lives, if you let it!!! My Daughter still has flashbacks a lot. We now know that her abuse lasted until she was 14 years old. She is a very strong woman!!! She stays busy, and hasn't gotten much therapy. She home-schools all her children, and I am the only one that has ever babysat them. She rarely ever leaves them. She has very little contact with her father. My son has had a very hard time with what his father did. I think it is hard on him because that was his role model,....and now what??? He has NO relationship with his father. I am lucky that I haven't had contact with him in about ten years. He took an early retirement at age 51, and moved to central Florida. My Grandchildren still don't know about what he did. I am sure he is at the very least using the internet to look at pornography, and talking to young girls, doing who knows. He looks like a normal man, not the monster that he is!!! He has horses and breeds and sells chocolate Labs. Now, what more do you need to tempt a little girl to visit your house???
I don't think you can "cure" a pedophile. He hasn't even accepted therapy. There are a lot of these men out there that have never been arrested, or prosecuted. They can live next door to grade schools and maybe your children!!!


We had to get rid of the kids~~~

~~~The cats were allergic!!!
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