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Scrap Book Making Blues
Author Unknown.

When I was asked to make this page
I took it gladly and didn't hesitate
I thought I'd make this page real nice
Cute, pretty, funny or nice
But once I sat down once to try
I just couldn't think, I don't know why!

My mind got blank, my fingers got numb
I chewed my pen instead of my gum
I pulled my hair and chewed my nails
I wished I was doing something else
And I didn't know what to write on it
I was almost at the end of my wit.

I thought so hard--my brain got hot
And singed my hair a little on top
I pulled my ears and blew my nose
Took off my shoes and wiggled my toes
I bit my fingers, unscrewed my pen
Got up, turned around, sat down again.

And when I looked at my still empty page
I nearly flew into a rage.
I cleaned my glasses, put them back on
But still couldn't think of a cute little poem.
So I thought, and thought and thought in vain
Till at last I decided to sign my name!
Proverb = People put off writing letters partly because they unconsciously strain to make every letter a masterpiece of completeness and wit. A prompt reply on a card is better than a six-page letter sixty days later.
The Artwork of Life
Author Unknown.

Each morn I have a canvas,
Canvas clean without a spot;
Waiting for an artist's hand
To scribe the work of deed and thought;
What an opportunity
To hand in at each eve
A goodly piece of workmanship,
Of kind and Christian deed.

At the Critic's meeting, someday,
All my paintings I'll turn in,
Whether masterpieces of righteousness
Or faded scenes of sin,
My stand through all eternity
Will rest upon the art
I'm painting now, and always
In the workshop of my heart.

Pansies always stand for thoughts
At least that's what folks say
So this was made to remind you
We are thinking of you today.
Get Well Wishes

If wishes made folks better,
You're much improved this minute,
Because this special message,
Has heaps of them tucked in it.
Just dropping by like a touch of spring
With a wish that soon your days,
Will be the kind that are sunny thoughts
And as nice as bright bouquets.
May you find the days that lie ahead,
Filled with health and happiness too,
For only the finest and best things in life
Are wished for a friend like you!
May the Lord strengthen you day by day
And bless you in His loving way.
May today be a very good day
for you and
May God keep you in His care until
You are completely well again.
Cheery Birds and Wishes

These bright cheery birds are winging your way,
To bring sunny messages to you today,
And with them are coming, best wishes to you.
That in a short time, you'll be feeling like new.
Sending this to say Hello
And to keep your spirits high,
And help to make the hours
More pleasant as they pass by.
A Prayer for You

May God's own blessing cheer your heart
Every day and everywhere
And may you always safely be
Enfolded in his care.
A Comforting Thought

There is peace within a sunset,
For, although the light has gone,
Just ahead there waits the promise,
Of a new and brighter dawn.
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