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This isn't s SCS story, but when I lost my DH ( he had a seizure disorder...and died due to an ER Drs' nelglect) My BFF (we have known each other since the 9th grade,in 1968...We were just 14 yrs old) called me one day,and asked me what I was doing....she was appalled that I was in bed,and told me to get dressed,that she was taking me somewhere.I started to protest,and she didn't listen...she just said"Get dressed, I am on my way over." So, we left my house,only to have my BFF take me to the other side of our town. Just before she pulled into a subdivision, she said " We are going to go to a scrapbook / card making club as guests. You really need something to occupy your time late at night." I replied " I am not crafty! I have never stamped etc." My BFF said " Yeah! Right, you aren't crafty! You are the only person I know that has sewn everything her daughter wears, not to mention your own clothes !! You ARE going to do this isn't going to hurt you HONEST! " So, I relented, and we went to the SU! club as guests.
This was something I really enjoyed. After that first night, I was hooked !! Good thing too, because about 18 months later, my BFF admitted to me that during the first few months immediately after my DH passed away, I would call her at all hours of the day and night, ( not realizing what I was doing ) She told me that I had no sense of time, I would call her at 2 am-3am etc. Being the BFF she is,she never said a word about me waking her up. She would quietly listen to me cry,and talk..and after awhiile she would quietly ask me if I thought I could get some rest. This is what a TRUE FRIEND is.....I have always been VERY Grateful for all that my BFF has done for me.
Like the old saying goes " You usually only have 1 or 2 good friends in your lifetime.",and I find that to be true. We enjoy stamping together, in fact, I just got done helping her to do wedding invites for 2 of her nephews and a friend as well.
There is no way you could EVER re-pay a friend like this...she is always and forever there, and I am the SAME way for her !

SCS is a wonderful place to be....I have made a few friends here as well....Thanks so much to those of you who are SCS friends.....I appreciate you too!
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