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This week's destination is Orangeville, California. If you would like a destination for your card this week, how about sending it to Jessica, the daughter of fellow teapotter Cathy (Mutnik) who was seriously injured in a fall while riding her horse this week. Cathy (Mutnik) is the sister of fellow teapotter Connie (Connie Jo9). Jessica fractured her skull in the back of her head, fractured her right temple and has two fractures on each side of her spine by her pelvis. She was riding her beloved Max. The minute I heard the news, having grown up around horses, I thought Max must have been spooked by something or some freak thing happened because horses just don't set out to hurt someone unless they have been trained to do that.....

So in Cathy's own words here is what transpired.....and of course the reason the challenge calls for the images it calls for! Insert smiley face here.

Jessica was riding with a friend and they had to take a detour on the path because of a tree. It was a steep slope that was muddy. Max's back legs slid down the hill and at the bottom he took a leap. This was unexpected and caused her to tumble over his head to the ground. She did about three summersaults and landed on her back on the bike bath, got up and was a little woozy so her friend suggested she sit down. Where along came two bicyclers, one was a nurse and one a paramedic. What are the odds of that! The lady she was riding with held Max, he didn't even go any where. She also called the stables and they came and got Max to take back. The paramedic called it in with all the info while they stablelized her waiting for the ambulance.

And here is an update on Jessica's condition from Cathy.....

Jessica is back in the ICU so they can monitor her every two hours. Talked to the Orthopedic Surgeon. Apparently it was her sacrum that was fractured. It has one good part the rest is pretty broken up. So for the next six weeks she will be using a wheel chair. She isn't even suppose to just stand up. Kind of scary that the other hospital had her walking. They want to be sure she doesn't get any blood clouts, so they have to put her on blood thinners, but since she also has such a head injury, they need to monitor her so that her brain doesn't start bleeding again. Kind of a scary thing going on here. The Neurosurgeon feels that she will be fine, but they are going to keep a good eye on her. She still has blurry vision and her ear feels full of water so they are giving her special drops twice a day.

She has a super nice nurse in the ICU this time. Not only does she explain things but she does what she says she is going to do. She has regulated her pain meds so she doesn't go so long in between, plus she gave her ice for her head which has helped alot. Going to be slow going, but she is young. So glad it wasn't any worse

Here is the address...

Jessica Bomgardner Davis
6906 Bali Ct.
Orangeville, CA 95662

Thank you from me, Cathy and Connie!

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