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Pammers - I agree that some stampers will need to go out and purchase after being introduced to new images, but I wonder how many are like you and how many are using the swap forums (not just at SCS) to keep from buying stamps they like.

I don't have a dog in this hunt - I'm not talented enough to have created a line of stamps of my own (and I thank the good lord above every day that there are people like Mo who are!), and I don't participate in online image swaps. The limit of my swapping is stamping a couple of images that my mother might have, or letting her stamp a few of mine, and we usually end up getting the stamp ourselves after that.

The difference between sharing a few items with friends and using online forums, as I see it, is this:

You're stamping with a friend, and she has this totally cool image you haven't seen before, so you try it and you like it and you must order it. Or you try it, and the rubber isn't even and you can't get a decent image to save your life, so you don't get it.

In the image swaps forum here at SCS, some just specify a few companies and you'll be surprised by what you get. I can see where that would introduce you to new stamps. But there is also the "fulfill your wishlist" one that looks to be ongoing, where you list your top ten wanted images and other stampers fulfill them. You're not being introduced to anything new - you're requesting something you already know you want. I can see it for retired stamps, where that's the only way to get the images, but otherwise? I think you should just buy the stamp. In an image swap, you don't have the actual stamp in your hand, so you can't tell the things about it that you can if you're borrowing the stamp from a friend.

Sorry I'm so long-winded. It's just that swapping among a couple of friends kind of automatically limits the number of images being swapped. Once you get into the online thing, where you have an almost infinite number of people with an almost infinite number of images - I can see where stamp companies would have a problem with their images being shared in that way.
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