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Originally Posted by RiverIsis View Post
See I completely get that for example the Elvis images that CHF used to do were licensed and copyrighted. I get that there are "official" Elvis cards out there. However I get that if there is a card made with an official stamp and someone wants to purchase it they should have that right too and to me there is a tacit agreement that the stamp could be used to produce an article that someone may wish to purchase. There is an assumption that the person buying the handstamped item is taking business away from the licensers/printed item. I don't think that is the case and often you will have people theme it up with these sorts of things so all sides win. If for instance I sold an Elvis card - I'm fairly certain that person probably has already exhausted the retail selection available.

Now I know there are artists like MoManning whom aren't as big as Elvis (yet) but I have to think that if someone falls in love with a card with a MoManning image they would search out more like images for their life.

I guess I look at these things a bit more Warhol-esque that as long as the name is associated it is worth something and will help propel the name/art.
I bought one of the Elvis sets before CHF closed - even their licensed images (Elvis, Saturday Evening Post are two I actually have) fall under CHFs angel policy:
All the stamps produced here at Cornish Heritage Farms are copyrighted or licensed by Cornish Heritage Farms. Every image comes under our Angel Policy. We want you to get the most value out of our products so give you permission to use our stamps for creating personal & resalable items as long as:

* Each item is hand stamped. (No mechanical or computerized reproduction in any form is allowed.)
* Items sold must give credit to Cornish Heritage Farms on the back of the creation.

Stamp designs must not be relabeled or separated and resold.
Designs cannot be used as company logos or trademarks.

Angel copyright stamps are available for a modest price on this store, should you wish to use one.

And that angel policy is printed on the back of the index card that came with the unmounted sets I bought. The index card also notes that it is ok to use the copyright notice included on the sheet of rubber as a copyright stamp. (I'm not sure that notice would be included on not-licensed sets).

This, to my thinking, is an ideal scenario - the angel policy was easy to find before I ever bought the sets, and now that I have them, the angel policy is easy to keep with them.
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