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Originally Posted by Scrapjanny View Post
Well, I know that people will disagree with my feelings on this subject, but this is how I see things. When I buy a stamp, I can do whatever I want with it, as long as I don't try to pass it off as my own design. A stamp is a tool, not a work of art that is bought to be hung on a wall or placed on exhibit solely as an artistic piece. If that's the case, then the stamp designers shouldn't have their designs made into stamps. (I'm not saying that the designers aren't artists, though, and I don't mean to de-value their talents.)

If I want to lend my stamps to friends or family, I will. If I want to stamp off some images to give away or trade, I will. If I want to sell cards or other hand-made projects, using hand-stamped images, I will. If a stamp company has nothing better to do with its time than come after and sue little old me, then it can go right ahead. I don't have time to research and keep track of each and every stamp company's Angel Policy (which I don't believe is enforceable anyway). If they feel that strongly about it, they should include their policy with the stamp so that I can make an informed decision about whether or not I want to buy their stamps.

There are plenty of stamp companies out there that don't have a problem with any of the things I've mentioned. I've refused to buy stamps from some companies who have made it very clear that they are very proprietary about their images and don't even want you sharing stamped images. That's my right as a consumer.

As I said, I know others will disagree with me, but that's how I feel. With all of the things I have to worry about in my life, this is very small stuff. And I try not to sweat the small stuff.
I have been reading this thread with interest, not because I sell many of my cards made with stamps (some relatives have insisted on paying me for 8 or 10 to be used by them or given as gifts--but nothing formal). But just so I can wrap my head around the whole idea. My son is an IP and I plan to ask him his thoughts on this, but his expertise is not in copyright, but in patents. I thought I understood, then the more I read, the more confused I got. Now I think I have it. I totally understand the obvious that you cannot sell a stamp image as your own and I happen to agree that selling or even giving away lots of stamped images to others would be like making copies of a CD to sell or give away. I have done it with a group of friends as we get together and make cards. They use my stamps to make a card and sometimes stamp extra images so they can go home and make another card or two. I now see this extra stamping as wrong. I would never have thought (and still don't) it wrong to make cards using a stamp(s) I bought to sell at a profit--if there is such a thing in card-making! If there are companies out there that have this legal policy, I would like that information to be posted wherever their stamps are sold as I would not buy them. Maybe I would miss out on some lovely images, but I don't want the hassle or worry of a law suit either. There are certainly plenty of stamps out there that are just as lovely. Actually, what we think is right or proper is not the issue. The law is the law and we must adhere to it or suffer the consequences. Perhaps there should be some universal law like there is for music for paper crafting, but that's for another discussion in a whole different forum. What an interesting world we live in!
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