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Originally Posted by Catrick View Post
I will be the first one to admit that I have at one time, "ripped" an image of a stamp and created a digital copy for one card....I was not comfortable about it either...but that is for me to live with and I sure did not sell it or post about it on my blog.

It doesn't matter one iota that companies don't take the time to sue users who violate the copyright laws. It doesn't matter that most of them are too small and don't have the money to do so. It doesn't matter because I am aware of it and to continue swapping because I can get away with it is plain wrong.

None of us are lawyers. We can talk to another lawyer until we are blue in the face...we can research copyright laws on the internet until we are blue in the face. We can sit here and demand court cases to back up the stamping company's stance. We can sit here and continue to swap, to borrow even though we have been told by these same companies that it is wrong....does not make it right!

It is our responsibility as a consumer to be aware of laws governing products we are using, especially in the "crafting" world...ignorance is not a defense in a court of law.

SCS already has a listing of Angel Policies of the various companies. I really don't believe we have too many stamps from so many different companies that we cannot take the time to monitor our own inventory...I am sorry!

Make a list of the stamp companies you have and note their policies. Sell cards when you can, not buy/use stamps if you do not agree with their policy (you do not have to agree with it however, you do have to accept it and respect it).

Bottom Line:
- Physical stamps can be bought, gifted or sold.
- Stamped images (including digital images) cannot be sold or swapped (depending on individual company's policy).
- Cards made with images legally purchased may or may not be sold (depending on individual company's policy).

I also, think this subject has been talked to death, we have gone around in enough circles and should be closed.

Except that reasonable people can and do disagree about this. The fact that various people with various vested interests state A, B and C are either right or wrong don't make A, B or C right or wrong.

Also, I couldn't even begin to tell you how many individual stamps I own or what companies they came from. Many are not marked or are from companies that have been out of business for years. And I have many friends whose stamp collections number in the thousands. Many of mine were purchased loose, unmounted and without any copywrite markings on them, let alone accompanied by any kind of end user's license.

I don't feel it should be up to the purchaser to determine the policies of different companies. It seems perfectly reasonable to ask those companies wanting to restrict the use of their product to advertise so before the sale is made. And require the purchaser's agreement before making the sale. That gives the purchaser a fair opportunity to choose to go elsewhere with their money.

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