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Originally Posted by MoManning View Post
Lynn, not sure if you missed this -- (see below) but I'm clipping my answer from a few posts back as to why you can't do just "anything" with a stamp you bought to use to stamp.

I know my rights as an illustrator. I have been negotiating contacts with companies for 30 years for various rights to my work. A users license for a stamp is a contract too. And a copyright owner can pick and choose the rights they want to sell to you. You, as a consumer can pick and choose to buy only stamps by a stamp company who grants you permissions that you agree with.

Mo~ I know this was not directed towards me ~ but I think that at least for me, sometimes the consumer either is not presented with the permissions granted at time of purchase (say at the stamping store) or the Angel Policies are very hard to find on the website &/or not very clear ~ many only refer to actual selling images/hand-made projects. Not that many have specific references to swapping. And then there is the issue of online swapping vs local swapping. Many posts have said that online swapping is 'stealing' & local swapping is a-ok. But either way, the artist/stamp company did not get paid. Also, it was mentioned that online swapping is like getting something for free. But considering that there is actual postage & other expenses incurred, the actual people who are getting something 'free' are the local swappers ~ sisters/neighbors/friends, etc. Most online swaps are limited to 8-12 images, whereas with local groups how many images the group ladies will stamp.

THink of it this way ~ if I sent 8 images to an online friend (who I've made almost a many online friends thru SCS as local stamping friends) in California & she sends me 8 images, and I decide that I'd really like to watercolor that image, but the images I received were all Copic-ready. The probability of my actually ordering the stamp is pretty high. BUT lets change the scenario ~ lets say, my best friend/neighbor has a stamp set that I used last week to make 8 images in Copic-ready ink & I decide I want to watercolor it instead. Why the heck would I buy the stamp set? I just give my BFF a call & I've got the set in hand within minutes (assuming of course we're both home). That said, it seems SCS with it's abilities to actually regulate/limit the number of images that can be sent, is more in line with the 'Common Sense' swapping then local ladies who can very well, do as they wish & borrow stamps when ever they choose.

I've said this many times, but just in case, I agree you have the right to have your art used in the manner in which you choose & I will honor your wishes. I may not agree with them & actually think that by targeting online image swapping you might be hurting your business more than helping. The people who are going to abuse the system, will continue to do it & those who play by the rules will be left with a bitter taste in their mouths.

Frankly, I don't believe that banning or allowing online swaps will have any affect what so ever on a stamping company. I might be wrong ~ & I'd love to see some statistical data to support either way. Maybe Hambo can show that after their ban 2 years ago, sales went up as a direct result? Although I'd venture to guess it might be hard to link an increase in sales to that one particular event in this ever-changing stamping environment (including sales, advertising, new releases, expanded outlets, etc).

Oh ~ it's getting rather late here on the East Coast & I'm not sure I've expressed myself coherently, but I hope so. I have not written this to say that artist's do not have legal rights, but just to point out that maybe 'GoodWill' goes a long way...
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