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Originally Posted by Catrick View Post
Sonja, to clarify....

1) One can purchase a rubber stamp and gift it, lend it or sell it to someone else.
2) One can make a card using the stamp and gift or sell (a few companies do not even allow this) that card.
3) One cannot stamp images with the stamp and sell (apparently, this includes image swapping) the images.

I am not sure about an .svg or digital stamp whether they can be resold or not as they are intangible. I do believe one can make things with the .svg and sell them..but not sell a copy of the .svg.

The digital stamp would fall into the same domain as a rubber stamp...sell cards made with it but not sell the image file or any you print off.

I agree with what you said here (other than I'm not sure it's really legally correct when companies tries to tell you that you can't sell an item made with the stamp)--
--except for the image swapping part. I'm not sure on that one, and I think that's where another gray area comes in. As for your other comments about swapping "hundreds of images," that's not really how it works 99% of the time! Like AGMommy's usually about 8 quarter sheets. There may be some extremists out there who are swapping/stamping "hundreds" of images, and I would have to agree that perhaps they are stepping over the ethical line of "sharing." But most of the time, stamping a few images for someone doesn't seem wrong to me...again, why make a stamp of your images if you don't want them used? Other visual copyrighted art is a finished product--rubber stamps are MADE for you to turn into your own variation/creation. It's not clear that it's the same law, to me.
I don't think anyone is "getting their back up" about selling stamped images. No one has said we should be able to do that. People are "getting their back up" about being told they cannot sell items made with a stamp they bought (from SOME companies), or that they cannot stamp 8 images to give to someone else with that stamp...

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