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Originally Posted by Catrick View Post
I am copy/pasting a bit of one of my responses on the Flourish website. I would like to add that everything is getting blown out of proportion... "general" comments are being taken personally...people are really getting heated over this discussion, information posted on the internet is being treated as "gospel" and taken out of context.

FYI - "First sale" doctrine relates to one person purchasing a stamp and having the ability to sell it to another person. CR law states, "If one resells or gives as a gift a book (or CD or DVD) that one has bought, a new copy has not been made, therefore it is legal under US copyright law".

The "sticky" part comes in when a person purchases a stamp and sells the copies of the images they have stamped....this is a violation of copyright and ergo, swapping images falls under this category.

Where some people seem to be taking offense is in the literal interpretation of this and getting their backs up and talking about boycotts.

Allowing my daughter/sister/friend/neighbor to stamp a couple of images to make cards is a far cry from a group of people swapping hundreds of stamped images or, even stamping the images and selling them.

Yes, "common sense" has to does a sense of responsibility and respect for the stamping companies. If one took a look at the Swap SCS board there are over three million posts to the topic....if everyone swapped instead of buying...this is what the stamping companies are talking about...the swapping groups, not the occasional one...the lost to them can become staggering.

I also think relying on the copyright laws via the internet is dangerous. None of us are lawyers and relying on misinformation is dangerous. Copyright protection regarding stamps is a whole different area than dvd/cd copying in Canada and internet information should never be relied on.

I will continue to let my daughter borrow my stamps. I will even borrow/swap a stamp with my friend.....I will not join a swapping group because for me, that crosses the line. Now there is talk of more people boycotting the stamping companies that are trying to protect themselves. I don't believe that you are really hurting the stamping companies in the long run but, with your anger and wish to lash out because they have politely requested no swapping groups you are denying yourself beautiful images.

I absolutely agree with your post. I was the one that brought up common sense on the other thread, I meant that it has to come from both parties in general, not specific people. The designers and purchaser need to use common sense.

I think part of the problem is that a lot of people don't understand the difference between sharing the STAMP itself with friends/family and sharing a bunch of stamped IMAGES with a group of people from the web. And I do think this is where common sense and respect comes in.
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