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It is hard to hear "tone" of a persons voice on a written message. I try to give the benefit of the doubt and ask for clarification if it seems iffy on 'heated' conversations. Forums are a good way to discuss and see all the sides and you will rarely 100% of the time see everyone agree. Same here, but it is good for thought and to see other views to consider.

Thanks for the info on swapping. I never looked at those posts for swapping. I vaguely thought that they were finished cards that were "swapped" between groups. It never crossed my mind to swap stamps like that.

I think there is a consensus that there is no problem if someone purchases a stamp/digi/svg whatever and uses it for there own personal crafting and gives it as a gift or keeps it for themself. But the problem comes when the person who has purchased a stamp then makes a project and then sells it for profit.

I see that the issue is divided here with the copyright owner not wanting anyone else to profit from their creation (not meaning obvious taking the design for themselves and selling it but from a project made with it.) And those that say it doesn't take anything away from the owner since they were paid for the stamp already. Businesses are in the business to make money and they see this as profit that should be theirs. They do have bills to pay and payroll to make.

In these financially trying times, when I have soon to be listed svg's for sale, I am not going to limit anyone from making a profit from any legally purchased files that I sell from the projects that they themself make. If I can help them in this small way then I will. I don't think that anyone will get rich off of selling handmade cards. That is my choice, it may not be the choice of others, not knocking those that differ, they have other considerations that we may not know.

Most people here would agree that it is wrong to:

1. Take someone elses designs and say that they created them/and or reproduce them and sell them as such.
2. Sell uncolored stamped images/digis etc., multiple ones as a business or casually on a consistent basis. That would be the same as #1.
3. Empolying others to mass produce to sell from a stamp not having been liscened to do so.

If you are trying to "get around" the copyright law then it probably isn't kosher. Again, most here desire to do the right thing.

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