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Originally Posted by nottoocreative View Post
I agree about making the copies of a CD to give away being wrong, but I fail to see how making a card with a rubber stamp and selling that is any different from a DJ making money off playing the copyrighted songs in public. Selling the images, yes, that would make sense as being wrong. If I buy a CD, there is nothing (legal or ethical) stopping me from using it to DJ someone's wedding, for which I am paid.
Again, a stamp is a tool intended for duplication of the image.
Catherine, I don't think anyone is attacking Mo per se. We are just discussing the issues. As for being "right," we obviously don't all agree...I for one do not think it is at all unreasonable to expect to be able to use a tool I bought to make a card to sell! I don't think it's wrong or unfair in any way, shape or form. In fact, I think the opposite--it is unreasonable to sell such a tool and then expect the buyer to keep track of your personal preferences about how that tool is used. I do try to be respectful and do the right thing--but I happen to disagree with this one.
I agree, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and everyone in the USA, thank God, is free to discuss ideas (up to a point). You have been respectful here and I appreciate that. In this day and age, people cannot always agree on what's right, which is a very sad state of affairs, IMO.

I also happen to agree with you about using an image to create a card and then selling the finished card. But that isn't my concern, so we are not talking about the same thing. You're talking about selling. I'm talking about sharing.

I entered the original discussion with 2 questions:
1.) What are the rules in borrowing a stamp. Specifically, can my sister use my stamp to make a card?
2.) How does this effect sharing an uncolored stamped image, such as in an image swap?

I didn't say, nor did I intend to imply, that anyone was attacking Mo. My point was that instead of having a civil conversation, where the parties speak and actually listen to each other, some people were spouting unconsidered knee-jerk reactions. In this case, I asked a question, Mo gave a thoughtful answer, and we have understanding. Eureka! Yet there were others who were so set on having their say and going on a tirade, they missed it completely.

Mo, it's been great chatting with you! I'm sure we'll run into each other again and I look forward to it! YGG!

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