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My Pet Peeve = I get aggravated with those people who “forget” to record the poet’s name with their poetry. It’s a great compliment to the writer if you remember to credit them with authorship. I know I would be tickled if you remembered that I wrote a particular piece and kept my name along with the poem on your card/project!
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A Mother’s Pride
Author Unknown (because somebody neglected to record it for posterity!)

I am so proud, dear son of mine,
Of you and your success.
My every thought and every prayer
Are for your happiness.
No matter what your life may hold,
I know you’ll meet it true
And justify the love and faith
And pride I have in you.
~~ <> @ <> ~~
Author Unknown.

You are a special friend of mine
And letters we exchange
Yet never have I seen your face—
To some this seems so strange!

Your place is here, within my heart,
This too may sound unique—
We share each other’s finest thought,
Yet never have I heard you speak.

For this, the friendship we possess,
We owe the mail a debt;
And I thank God for you each day,
Though we have never met!
~~ <> @ <> ~~
Treasured Trinkets
By Nedra L. Krider

Such useless things I keep and keep
Until my drawers are all knee-deep—
Pictures, letters, poetry and such,
Oh, nothing that amounts to much.

But every single thing’s a part
Of the memories in my heart
Letters from friends—so far away
I’d love to visit some day.

And poetry always can express
Heart-felt joy and happiness;
A tally, a picture, a piece of string,
Oh, you can find most anything.

Here’s greeting cards of every kind
Birthday, Friendship and Valentine,
If I were only half as kind
As they say—these friends of mine.

“How silly,” did I hear you say?
O.K. I’ll put my “stuff” away—
To haul it out another day
And dream a few more hours away.
~~ <> @ <> ~~
By Mrs. William Sullivan

With care and precision she cut the blocks,
Fancied a pattern where none had been;
Grandmother’s grandmother piecing a quilt
That’s been handed down since then.

Every faculty of her mind
Bent upon making a masterpiece,
Jacob’s Ladder and Lemon Star,
Irish Chain, and the rest of these.

Grandmother’s grandmother sat and sewed
Lovely patterns of diamond and square
Berry Basket and Ocean Wave,
Chimney Sweep and Ascending Stair.

Carefully handled, we have them yet
Even today, there are places where
Youth and old age are sitting together,
Piercing the old-time patchwork.
~~ <> @ <> ~~
A Penny’s Worth
By Lallie Engell.

Remember when a penny’s worth to you
Meant happiness, along with good taste too?
A penny then to spend, at the grocery store
Meant up to 10 to 15 pieces or more
Of the best tastin’ stuff
They called penny candy.
Candy dots on strips of paper—
Licorice strings—chocolate drops,
So good was it all.
Peppermint sticks—lemon drops
Five for a penny, it seems;
Coconut rainbow strips—then caramels with nuts,
And that which you got the most of, I recall
Was the one they called—beans.
What patience the clerk did have
For it took 10 or 15 minutes to decide
As how to get the most for your money, you tried.
As you left the store
Holding your sack,
Although wishing for more—
Happy were you with your penny’s worth
Of good old penny candy!
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