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Poems and Readings for Christenings and Naming Ceremonies. By Susannah Steel. 2009.
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Mama’s Patchwork Quilt
By Nita Smith

I love the pretty colors,
They’re dancing in my head,
They always seem to cheer me up,
Whene’er I make my bed.

There’s colors running up,
And others running down
Parts of it are square,
And other parts are round.

It isn’t something that will wilt,
I never water it.
For it is blooming all the time,
It’s mama’s patchwork quilt.
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The Good Old Dolls
By Allan Ahlberg

We are the old dolls
Losing our hair
Hats and dresses
The worse for wear.

We are the old dolls
Noses worn
By little girls’ kisses
Before you were born.

We are the old dolls
We sit or flop
In the Old Dolls’ Home
Or the second-hand shop.

We are the old dolls
Fingers broken
Old food still in our mouths
Last words spoken.

We are the old dolls
Worse for wear
The little girls who loved us
No longer there.
~~ <> @ <> ~~
By Angie Monnens

Friends know all our secrets,
Friends know all our fears.
They’re always there to hold our hand,
And gladly, wipe the tears.
Friends are never far away,
When we’re feeling sad;
They long to share the laughter,
When the heart is glad.
They tend to overlook our faults,
Instead, look deep inside.
To reach into our “inner selves”
Where the “real you” often hides!
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Take Time to Love
By Mary L. Case

A moment spent to share a smile
Or go that extra special mile,
To hug a child or greet a friend
Or care enough to stop and send
A cheerful thought to someone dear
To ease a sorrow, dry a tear,
Will bring God’s blessing from above—
When we but take the time to love.
~~ <> @ <> ~~
Little Sister
By Janet Rumpf Wolfe

Your little sister follows you
No matter where you go.
She tries to win a race or two
But falls, or stubs her toe.

You like jeans and sloppy clothes;
She wears frills and lace.
You think baths are for the birds,
And hate to wash your face!

You must share your friends with her,
Your toys, your clothes, your bed
You often wish that mom and dad
Had bought a dog instead.

But when those bedtime shadows dance
Upon the floor and wall,
A sister sleeping next to you
Is not that bad at all.
~~ <> @ <> ~~
Brotherly Love
By Jacqueline Schiff

Mom brought him home for me one day
In a blanket of baby-blue,
I kissed his bald and wrinkled head
And whispered, “I love you.”
He wasn’t fun to play with then
This infant red as beet,
For entertainment all he did
Was kick and eat and sleep.
Perhaps, I thought, we’ll give him back
This brother is a drag,
He’s much too young to play my games
Of jump-rope, jacks and tag.
But Mother said he’s here for keeps
I was thankful in the end;
My brother, once a childhood pest,
Is now my dearest friend.
~~ <> @ <> ~~
Your Love
By Ardath Bigham

The world’s a better place for me
Since you have come my way,
The friendship and true concern,
You show from day to day.

Your patience, love and gentle ways,
I’m proud to be a part,
These are the things I felt the day,
You came into my heart.

You tell me that I’m special,
And I feel that way with you,
But then my dear, dear husband,
You’re very special, too.
~~ <> @<> ~~
Early to Rise
~ by Eileen Melia Hession

Two hours spent just eating meals,
Two hours more to cook,
One hour’s worth of exercise,
One more to read a book.

Eight hours at my desk at work,
Two commuting in my car,
Two more for makeup, shower, hair
(That’s eighteen hours so far).

Add two more hours for cleaning house,
And one to watch TV,
Two to spend with my husband, kids,
(Now we’re up to twenty-three).

Managing time isn’t such a big deal,
My schedule’s easy to keep,
But how long will it be ‘til I feel refreshed
On one hour a night of sleep.
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