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Default Mothermark to the Rescue again! Yeah!

Hope your Christmas was very merry! Have a wonderful New Year!

A former art teacher and friend in an ATC club stained paper with fruit and vegetable peelings by pounding them between sheets of paper with a mallet hammer as a technique for coloring paper. The poem below reminded me of that.

Blackberry Ink
By Eve Merriam.

Berries on the bushes
In the summer sun.
Bring along a bucket
And pluck every one.

Look at my teeth,
They’re raspberry red.
Look at my fingers,
They’re strawberry pink.
Look at my mouth,
It’s huckleberry purple.
Look at my tongue,
It’s blackberry ink.
~~ <> @ <> ~~
“This is my valentine,
This is my dove;
This is the child
I dearly love.”
~~ <> @ <> ~~
With God As Your Partner
By Helen Steiner Rice

It takes a GROOM,
It takes a BRIDE,
TWO PEOPLE standing side by side . . .
It takes a RING
And VOWS that say
Bur marriage vows are sanctified
And loving hearts are unified
When standing with the bride and groom,
Unseen by others in the room,
The “SPIRIT OF THE LORD” is there
To bless this happy bridal pair . . .
For “GOD IS LOVE,” and married life
Is richer for both man and wife
When God becomes a partner, too,
In everything they plan and do. . .
And every home is specially blest
When God is made a “DAILY GUEST”
For married folks who pray together
Are happy folks who stay together . . .
For when God’s love becomes a part
Of body, mind, and soul and heart,
Their love becomes a wondrous blending
That’s both ETERNAL and UNENDING,
And God looks down and says “well done”—
For now you TWO are truly ONE.
~~ <> @ <> ~~
Old Letters
By Adele Jordan Tarr.

I keep your letters [cards] for a rainy day;
Then take them out and read them all again.
So, reading, I forget that skies are gray,
And pathways sodden under falling rain.

They are so full of simple friendliness,--
Of understanding of the things I love,
No phrase obscure or vague, to make me guess,--
No deep philosophy my soul to move.

And though your eyes are “lifted to the hills,”
You still keep faith with earth, and earthy things;
Prosaic duty all your hour fills
The while you listen for the beat of wings.

You have read deeply in the book of life,
And you have added lines that I shall keep
To be a shield against the petty strife
Until such time as I shall fall asleep.

So when I would forget that skies are gray
I read your letters [cards] on a rainy day.
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