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Safe drive, Izzy...

That Debzi...she muzt be avoiding uz. I'z zeen her around here in other placez...

I had a GREAT day today! Guess why! Cuz I waz down to about 5 sheetz of my 110 pound bright white cover stock. And that paper waz dizcontinued by the maker. Hmph! Lotta nerve he had! But I inveztigated and found that a good replacement would be Neenah Classic Crest Solar White in 110 pound and in 80 pound. But 'tother day I went to call the local paper store...and what do you think I got? Dizconected recordin'!!! The nerve o' them! Well, today I went to my friendly local coffee roaster friendz juzt down the street and decided to drop by the paper store cuz the zign waz still on the buildin'. And guezz what! Theyz still there...just haz a 800 number thru their Denver ztore now. Whew!!! And they had the Solar white IN STOCK! Woo Hoo!!!!!! I'z be back in bidnezz! I sure waz missin' my BRIGHT white paper! I were hoardin' those lazt few sheetz! And Solar white iz even brighter than the one I waz usin' before...97 instead of 96. (I know, big diff, you say, but next to 97, my 92 looks dingy!)

Only prollem...Solar white is pricey. A BIG package (over 4 inches thick) of 250 sheets is over 27 bucks! and the 80 pound is over 20 bucks. It's not so bad if you look at it by the sheet...the heavier iz juzt 11 meazly centz per sheet and the lighter is juzt over 8 centz a sheet.

BTW, With the 80 pound paper, I'll uze that for layering and the 110 pound for card basez.
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