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Wow-I just wrote back to everyone...and the page went away! I hate that!

Jen--Honey, it is common for friends to not know how to be near or with a friend who just suffered such a big loss. I have a friend whose FIL passed away. I stopped all emails to her. I did it because I didn't know if she was up to "talking again." She was wondering why I wasn't writing! LOL

I suggest you call her up and invite her to go to the mall..or come over for pizza night. And, just let her know how you have missed her. Try to put any anger aside...she may not know what to say...and you may not need to hear anything from her. Just spend some time and she will realize it is still you!

You could email a few friends...and do something that you did before your Mom went to be with the Lord. That will help them realize you are still you. Just an idea. I really think that is what is going on. I really think that she just doesn't know how to be with you.

Michele-praying for you, Sweetie. Praying for your whole family...and papers. I hope that you can make a gratitude list. Just list the items on a piece of scrap paper, or in your computer...and when you think of something...just add it in. It will be so long! This I know. Sing those songs that you love and have shared with us. Or turn up your speakers and go to the blog...great music there!

Caterina~ I continue to pray for you, my friend. I also still have that envelope. I want to add more. I am so grateful for your wisdom. And, you say it in just 1 or 2 lines. I can't do that! Praying for great results!

I would love for you ladies to pray for not be so wordy! Mean it!

Oh, Jen--that is wonderful about the Nativity scene! I could tell you a lot about some atheists...but it is best to just set a godly example when with them...well, all of the time. Just ignore the sneers. He hasn't unsealed their eyes yet. He hasn't shown Himself to them yet. Or they would most likely not be Atheists.

J Oh, should you be working so hard in the garage? Are you feeling ok? I pray that the situation at work will result in no change. Or something better for you. They could have been watching you use the machines...maybe they are going to upgrade the system. It could really be anything. And, I have been praying for a great job to come your way. Believe. Have Faith that it will happen. You are such a suppportive person.

Nikki- I am sorry about the stress at work. Do you know that stress can REALLY raise your blood sugar levels? Is your doctor having you go for blood work every 3 or 4 months? He/She should! Please treat yourself, like you would like your Mom to be. No problems. How are you really coping with work? Are you dealing with munchies? That is my way. I used to get upset...I would down some ice cream. Really, all of the ice cream. Now at least it is sugar free and less calories...PLEASE be careful with the diabetes. I had a really serious problem. I keep forgetting I am diabetic! For week's at a time. PLEASE don't be like me in this way. Praying for your health and your work. You have such an important job! You spend more time with them than their parents. THAT is a big responsibility! If you really just concentrated on that...would you be able to avoid the stress? Is it gossip going on or are there changes in the air? Or something else. If it's not something about you...then don't give it any time. If it does involve you..then take control. Tell them that you would like to sit down and talk it out. Rather than having it when the kiddos are around! Be a part of the solution, if you can.

And, Nikki
--I am praying for your mom to have a clean bill of health...and that it is something simple that they could take care of problem.

All- You know, those of us who are ill or hurting or have family members that are in that spot. Have Faith. Believe that you or they CAN be instantly healed. After all, God is Good! Aren't we all going to be changed in an instant...when that trumpet sounds? Aren't we going to have celestial bodies? Of course we are! And, if He can change all of us in an "instant" Then He can certainly heal our illnesses and conditions...if it is according to His plan. I believe that with all of my heart! THAT to me is one way to have and show Him and others that He is capable of doing it. Expect it to happen. That is faith. Asking the Lord for something...and waiting in an expecting way. It will happen. The faith of a few good friends, here, is important, too. That is one reason why I love this thread, and love all of you.

I am sorry if I went "preachy" on you. I had to share. I don't know why. I am sorry if I hurt anyone.Please let me know if I I will know and hopefully not do it again! My goal is to help us all look at the areas of our lives and realize He can change them in an instant.

I love you all. You and your requests are being prayed over.

He IS Able, <---This is true. That is why I sign off with it! A reminder!
Traci S.
He IS Able!
Traci S.
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