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1) My sister (Helga) was brought to the hospital by her daughter last night. Apparently she'd been sick for three or four days but didn't want to go to the doctor because she thought she just had a "bug". Turns out her appendix burst and they did an emergency appendectomy last night. She's still in quite a bit of pain and still not doing very well today. Mostly she's worried about taking time off from work because she works hourly and when she doesn't work - she doesn't get paid. They are currently saying she will have to be in the hospital at least a 4-5 days and then she'll have to take off from work for about two weeks. Three weeks without pay is going to be a real problem because they have already gotten behind on their bills. Please pray that she heals quickly and that God supplies her physical and financial needs.

2) My sister (Gretel) is also under the weather right now and she had to take time off from work (also doesn't get paid if she doesn't work). She has also moved my mom from her apartment next door (mother-daughter house) over to her son's former room (her son passed away two years ago) in their part of the house. They are doing this so they can close off my Mom's apartment to save money on the heat. My mom is not understanding why she can't stay in her own apartment. She's pretty upset. Gretel is strapped financially with left over medical bills from when her son was alive and from her husband having had a seizure (pre stroke symptom) last month. They have no insurance and things are getting very, very tight.

3) My husband & I are sending money to both when we get extra -- but its hard to determine who needs the money more and how much we can send while still taking care of needs here. Please pray that God will guide us to do the right thing.

I do so appreciate your prayers and continue to lift you all in prayer as well.
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