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Short on time- You said, "I almost don't know how to pray anymore. I feel like I've said everything there is to say to God, over and over again."

Please don't forget that when we are at a loss for words to pray...He already knows our needs. He already knows of the circumstances. It says somewhere in the Bible, I am sorry, I don't know the Scripture...That when we pray, the Holy Spirit fills in the sounds and words!

It is great that the walls are starting to crumble between DS and DH. I am very glad that you are reading Al-anon literature. I do want to tell you that going to the meetings is much more informative. It doesn't need to be embarassing...everyone there is there because someone they love is an addict...alcoholics also refer to themselves as addicts... I really encourage you to have the strength to GO to a meeting. And, if you see someone there that you need for embarrassment...she is there for the same reason. Maybe it would be a good place to have a deeper friendship with the person...more than "hellos" and "how are you?" A more real relationship.

I am sorry for any typos. It seems that my eyes are not going to let me read anything else today! The entire screen looks like a puddle of water. Just blurred.

I hope you will take what I am sharing you to heart.

Jen-- I sent a very important message to you!


Caterina-- thank you for answering my message. I wrote you back yesterday. Don't rush to answer.

Michele, beautiful prayer!

I am going to try to finish up my Christmas cards this week.
And, my Chanukkah cards by the end of next week.
Envelopes addressed and decorated the next week...and I will be good on
time! I started the cards in January. 10 a month on the Christmas Card Challenge, if you didn't participate this year...I hope they have it next year...
It has made things much less stressful. And, you can make any number of cards!

I have a favor to ask. I have received 2 comments on the blog in 2 weeks+. I am not worried about the numbers...but something is happening, that people aren't leaving comments. I think that some of them are still coming and reading...but I must be doing something different from the first few months. If you have been stopping by, and you can put your finger on what is different, will you please let me know. I want to make it an inviting, but challenging blog...glorifying the Lord with each post. Keeping it personal. Encouraging? Am I coming across like it is the Traci Show? Am, I not seeming knowledgable? What is different? I don't know if anyone even took the button to put on their people will know where to go. I have prayed about this. I will welcome even the harshest of criticism. I was wondering if everyone is already in holiday mode, and aren't looking for a nourishing blog? What do you think? Just message me if you don't mind. Anything could be helpful. I appreciate your help.

He IS Able!
Traci S.

Again, I apologize if the typing is a mess. Please let me know what I can do to lighten your burdens. I will do my best!
He IS Able!
Traci S.
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