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Originally Posted by misteri1 View Post
i was joyously wrong. the tubes from lake charles labs also fit skittles, smarties, and sugar babies. not the best halloween treats but oh well kids, deal with it! i can also put pixy stick powder, or hot chocolate in (for xmas.)

jen- if you want me to check my local michael's, i'd be happy to, and then send them, as long as you pay shipping. email me at [email protected].
Misteri1...whew! I just ordered from this company too and was freaking out when I read your first post! Do M&Ms fit? Plain one, not peanut. After I ordered them I worried and worried about this and my order isnt due to arrive til tomorrow. I saw them on a girl's website and she had skittles in them so I knew they would fit that but didnt know about M&Ms since she didnt say.

Even if the M&Ms dont fit, I plan to buy some of the Sixlits candy from Party City that are bags that are all one color and make them up for different events. I have a Ticket for the Cure event next Thursday and plan to put pink Sixlits in them. I plan to do Christmas ones for a craft show I am doing in early December and put brown colored candy in and make Reindeer Poop (Reindeer Food for those offended by the word Poop!), white candy or light blue candy and make Snowman Poop (Snowman Food for those offended by the word Poop again), green candy in and Make Grinch Pills and so on and so forth.

These plastic tubes are FDA food-safe approved (which is important!) and also I figured easier to fill than the cello bags others are getting. I plan to buy a funnel that will fit in the tubes that I can just pour the candy in so I dont have to touch it. I just love the look of the test tubes. I got white plastic caps to put in them instead of the cork because I figured the plastic would hold up better in trasporting them but I do love the look of the cork ones. I decided to get the huge lot of they ended up costing me about 13 cents each with the tube and plastic lid. I will make up a bunch fillled with candy and then just sell kits for people to make their own also and sell off some that I dont need.

Here is the link to the site I got them from and the ones that I ordered that the other girl ordered and filled with skittles. I will post back here when my order arrives and I try different things in them to see what fits!

Here are the test tubes I ordered: 16x125mm Polystyrene Plastic Tubes

This size measures out to about 11/16" round (so a little less than 3/4") and 5" long

Here are the lids I ordered: 16mm Hollow Bottom Caps (Multi-Color)
I got just white caps so they will go with any holiday.

Here are the cork lids that fit them also: Cork Stoppers (Size 5)

Here is where I saw the idea and they are so cute! Kerry’s Paper Crafts Craft Fair Goodies: Gross Halloween Test Tubes
Kelly, Hello Sunshine Studio

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