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H Everyone~

Dave and I came home from Maryland last night. It was a wonderful visit...but went by way too fast! I walked so much there. The weather was so beautiful. It felt like an early spring day rather than thinking it was autumn.

Oh, Joan, I am so sorry to hear about your cousin. I will pray for your whole family. (Including you and your Aunt.) This is so tough, I know, Sweetie. Remember, that we have a Mighty God, and all things are possible. We can not limit His abilities, by what the "medical field" alone believes. Even if the same thing usually occurs at this stage...our Lord can do All things. Please hold that thought close to you. I am so sorry that your family is going through this trial. I am glad that you have a large family that can rally around your aunt and cousin. Are they near by?

I will pray faithfully.

Calianne- I am so sorry that you have not found something yet. Are you staying in a shelter, Sweetie? I will pray about this rental. I will pray that you will have a roof above your and a floor below you...and that our Lord will protect you and guide you. You should probably think about what you can afford. I know a cute place would be wonderful. Right now, you need something to keep you warm, dry, and still be able to buy some groceries. I'm sorry. I don't remember if you are currently working? I will certainly pray that the "corporate hearts" will be hearts where the Holy Spirit dwells, and that they will grant your plea.

Caterina~ Are you feeling better, Sweetie? PMing you in a moment.

Redwood- Thank you for your thoughts. I know that prayer is something that is always on your heart. You are such an amazing person. I believe we will be blessed with more opportunities to serve through prayer. There are many more people who read this thread, for instance, than ever "Say" a peep! But, it is touching hearts, and more and more people are coming to this thread to share their burden and ask for prayers.

It did feel miraculous that I was walking outside...without my cane! I haven't done that in over 12 years! I was in such praise mode. Now I am in praise and stamp mode! I haven't stamped anything in days! I did bring a bunch of stamped images...and colored them! LOL

I shared the Romans Road on the blog today. Calianne do you have a Bible with you? If not, can you visit a church today? I think it would be a huge benefit to you to go to my blog and write down the specific Scriptures in red... you just need the name of the Chapter and then the numbers after it...and go to a Bible...a library will have it also...and look them up in order...remember what they say...and there is a prayer at the end...if you want what we know the Lord personally...and even better, He knows us! Perhaps the church will let you keep a Bible if you ask. If you do not get one, and you think you will read it...I will send you one, when you have an address. I think it would be so much easier to go through everything, knowing that you are loved by Him SO much...and that He knows you so well...He even knows how many hairs are on your head! Think about that! That is really knowing someone. He knows when you lose a hair...He keeps up with you, is what I am saying...your life will be so full...if you keep up with Him, too. Please, please, do this. You will benefit so much. He will be with you always, once you pray the prayer like the one at the end of the blog. He will not leave nor forsake you. It is amazing. Please let us know how things are progressing, with a place to lay your head, and about reading these Scriptures.

Do you have a place to stay during the day where you can use your computer? How wonderful!

I am so thankful for all of you. Thank you for praying for me when I was gone. I had 2 of the best flights I have ever been on. Our flight home was delayed by a couple of hours, due to some unexpected maintainence! I hated that...but had a calm, that I know wasn't from me. I have so many reasons to praise the Lord!

Have a blessed week!

He IS Able,
Traci S.
He IS Able!
Traci S.
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