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Originally Posted by brandon & Alex's mom View Post
I am taking a prescription called xytol (or something like that...xy...). It hasn't helped. The hives are almost gone from my arms, chest, neck and face, but still a little on my stomach and a lot on my legs and it has spread to my feet. I was so itchy when I got home from work I scratched my legs and feet to pieces. I am coughing again and I don't think it is from the pleuricy. It could be stress, but I am not stressed now. I was a little in the beginning of the year worried about working with a new teacher (who as it turns out is so wonderful and she calls me every day to see how I am), getting licensure, having my mil visit, etc., but that all has already come and gone. I guess it could be after-the-fact and letting it all out now, I am not sure. I have talked to 5-6 people who have had these hives come and go for MONTHS and their Drs never found out what it was, so unfortunatley I am not very hopeful that they will ever find out what is causing this. All I know is I cannot take this for months and months, I will go insane!

ooooh, I am gonna have to buy some icecream now to go with the ones I am making at home. I hope the ones I take to work come out good. I already peeled and sliced and wrapped them because I won't have time to do all that in the morning. Tomorrow I will add the butter, sugar, cinnamon and mountain dew and bake it. I leave at 7:40 so that gives me EXACTLY 40 minutes to get it all done. And I have a 45 minute-hour drive so I hope they are still hot and yummy when I get there. Can't heat them up in the oven at the synagogue because the crescent rolls and mountain dew are not Kosher and they only allow stuff that is Kosher and baked in their kitchen to go in the ovens.
That doesn't sound all that hopeful. I hope whatever you have isn't the same as what those other docs couldn't diagnose!

Hope the dumplings travel well!!!
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