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Default Mission Accomplished!

Hi Teapotters:

Just wanted to share this with all of you. Its an email message that Lorraine (pidgesmom) got from her friend Jackie who is the friend of Eula Cousins, the 108 year old that we all sent birthday cards to. I have also attached a picture of her and her cards here....don't be alarmed like I was if you don't see your a bunch of the cards are scattered around her room! I about went blind looking for mine! Snort!

Lorraine! Thank You! Thank you so much for bringing this destination to our attention! It was such a great one!!!

Here it goes:

Hi Lorraine!
Mrs. Cousins had a big party yesterday and gave me a message to share with the wonderful people who sent the cards! here goes:

Dear Stampers!
What a wonderful birthday present... I could not imagine that I would ever receive cards so beautiful and from EVERYWHERE! Each one was a treasure to hold in my hand. This birthday was so much fun for me and I found myself anticipating the mail each day after the first batch of cards arrived. I have shared them with all of my friends here at Cathedral Village and all of the visitors I have had. No one can believe that people I never met would be so kind to recognize me in this way. I have been asked to come to the men's group to share the story.. of course everyone here wonders what a blog is! My friend Jackie did her best to explain it to me. I am very interested in the Internet. People explain it all to me and it is a wonderful thing to be able to have access to so much information so quickly! I am thinking of adding computers to the classes that I take each month!

So.. I will answer the question for you that everyone asks a person of my age... what keeps me so alive and vital?? The answer is simple... LOVE! I LOVE people, I LOVE to learn and I am curious about everything! I eat well, I sleep, I read 2-3 books a month, I crochet lap blankets to be donated to people undergoing dialysis. I make bookmarks. I take care of my bird, Star! Each day for me is an adventure and a day to be treasured. My nephew and I recently had to make a decision about renewing my passport! It was no easy decision.. Finally.. reluctantly I told him that maybe my international travel days are over... we then made the decision to go to the local DMV to get a photo ID! Funny thing is that the computers only registered a birthday of 1906 and of course mine is 1902. It through a glitch in the process and we were there ALL day! They kept asking me ...are you sure you were born in 1902??? What an adventure!

So.. stampers.. that is a little about me. Keep up the good work.. you are a very talented bunch! If you are every in Philadelphia.. please drop by and visit. To the woman who shared about her life on the organic farm... I LOVED reading all about you and would love to KNOW more!

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! And one more thing.. If you are wondering about my philosophy about death... read the poem Thanatopsis... the last verse explains it well!

Eula Cousins
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