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Originally Posted by Glitter_Girl View Post
Ok...this is a teeny tiny minor vent and in the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter at all, but can I say that if I could, right now, I would never deal with the Postal System ever again!!!!

I almost wish they worked like franchises, because then I would know I was "hurting" them a teeny tiny bit by never going to that branch again.

UGH! Plus I know my hormones are raging anyway. But the PO worker made me feel like an A&&hole!!!! She was just so freakin' rude.

I did the "automated" machine for two little packaged envelopes, right? Only when I went to put them in the bin, the door was locked or maybe the bin the packages get dropped in was full and something was catching the door from opening. So I could not put my packages in the drop bin.

The line was long, and honestly, this has happened before. And the last time it happened I just snuck over to the end of the counter and said "excuse me the bin is full can I just leave these here?"

No problem, the PO worker took them for me. And yes she was "with" a customer...but I just had a simple question. She didn't have to DO anything.

So I did the same thing today...said politely, "excuse me, the bin is full..." And this BEYATCH was so FREAKING RUDE! I mean, she honestly could have been much more polite. She was dealing with a man with some packages, but I wasn't trying to cut in or anything. It was a simple question and like I said I have done it before with no problems.

She was all "I am with a customer (all snarky and carp). You need to wait, why would you just interrupt when I am with a customer?"

She just made me feel like a piece of *****. I wanted to cry. I wasn't trying to be rude to the man. And I have seen plenty of people before me do the same thing, hand them something because a bin was full and NOT stand in a long line to wait to ask one simple freaking question!

I was livid! I was not about to wait in a long line to DROP OFF packages that were already PAID FOR AND STAMPED!!!!

So I went outside and dropped them in the blue mail boxes in my fit of rage. Not sure if you are supposed to do that because they are over 13oz...but I mean, how is that my problem if your stupid PO can't make sure that their drop bins are working properly? ANd your staff member is a beyatch???

UGH!!! UGH!!! UGH!!!!! (as I am stomping my feet). I literally cried a little on the way home I was just so mad. She made me feel like was such a horribly rude person and how dare I say "excuse me to ask a quick question".


Ok...vent over. Thank you for staying tuned in for all that. LOL!
how rude!!! She had no right to make you feel like that and speak to you that way. My post officve is the same way which is why I only use the automated machines and I too would have stuffed it in the little mail slots or blue bins outside to avoid any contact with dumb ***** rude people!
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