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Originally Posted by loribelle3 View Post
I have a question for those of you who have done lots of craft shows. Do you find that items that are evenly priced sell any better/worse than those with .25, .50 or .75 added onto them? I don't want to fool with making change and carrying around quarters. I wanted to charge $1.50 for a baggie of 4 pebble magnets at this last show, but rounded up to $2--and sold several of them at that price. But then I wanted to sell the magic piggy wands for .50, and didn't think people would pay $1 for one, so I put them at 2 for $1. None of them sold. Advice please! TIA!
This is something that I stuggle with at EVERY show...and I have been in a lot of them over the last few years!

I normally try to keep my prices even....BUT sometimes I feel I need to make the extra .50 or so to make it worth my time but feel that next step up to the whole $ may be too much to charge for an item! One thing that has worked for me is to offer a "discount" on multiples. For example, if I need to make 2.50 on an item to make my profit margin, then I will sell them for 3.00 or 2/$5.00.

I have only a couple of items that will not be evenly priced - and they are usually the smaller items that fall around that 1.00 - 1.50 price range. I do make sure that I have some 1.00 items for the kids to buy, but those are not a huge profit for me. I just hope to break even on them and that their moms will buy other things. I don't have anything under 1.00 because I can't justify the time for those items....I have to go through and deleat a lot of ideas for every show if they just aren't profitable or feasible.

Not sure if this answers your question or not, but once you get a few shows under your belt you will see what works best for you and the customers in your area.

Hope that helps a tiny bit!
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