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I knew it wouldn't last long. My dad being nice, that is. 2 girls were still asleep inside in the living room, so I answered the door quickly when my folks came & told them not to talk too loud. Well, dad told me to come outside b/c he needed to talk to me.

Apparently MIL's leg is bothering her (I did know that) but Dad thinks it's really, really, REALLY bad (no, she didn't say that, just that it was hurting & she's had to take pain pills so needs to see the dr.---she may mean tylenol when she says pain pills, though; she hates meds & seeing dr's). I had said I'd be carless next week (assuming Phil wasn't up to fixing the brakes yet) so Dad said, "Why can't he fix them?" then went on this tirade about how finanically stupid we are & we can't expect our parents to give us stuff and they never got help from their parents. Ladies, we do not ASK for financial help from them. They offer it. For that matter, MIL doesn't often offer it, but when she does it's usually big, like our van. We didn't ASK him to pay for new brakes. We can get by. We asked to borrow the truck for a week. Or did we? Now I can't remember, he may have just offered it.

Oh, he started with, "I've decided I'm not going to tell you how to run your life." ha. He told us we need to see a financial advisor. I told him we need more income & we ARE going to homeschool. He scoffed at that. He thinks I need to work full-time as a teacher, put my kids in school & be done with it, because having a new car & new TV are important. Yes, he brought up the fact that we can't even buy a new car or new TV. Then he told me how Phil's priorities are wrong b/c he likes riding his motorcycle more than working on the house. He likes EVERYTHING more than working on the house. It's not our house! We keep the "yard" cut. It's all weeds, was that way when we moved in, but we keep them trimmed. On a rent house, even if you are financially stupid, you don't spend big $ to make a yard look great. I'd rather pay for, oh, say, GROCERIES, than new grass.

Yes, Phil's hobby is his motorcycle. Dad's hobby is golf. OH, but dad always made the yard look nice first. Yes, and dad never worked on cars, never had to fix things in the house (Phil has worked on Dad's computer multiple times for "free" but not really since they give us things; he also works on computers for friends, usually for free, because they help us out in other things), never had to do any maintenance of any sort other than the yard. I don't think Dad knows that Phil probably cracked a rib this last wreck & that is why he hasn't worked on the car.

We've CHOSEN for me to stay home & yeah, it bites us in the behind financially. It's OUR choice & the more Phil reads the more he believes that for US homeschooling is the ONLY choice. No, we are not the best financial planners. But we are also not big spenders. They gave us some money for our anniversary AND to fix the brakes in the car (Phil wants to fix them b/c he thinks shops charge too much).

Phil & I have NEVER gone somewhere for our anniversary. EVER. Well, we spent one anniversary in the jungle in Zaire! We've taken a handful of trips EVER with just the 2 of us and none since the girls were born. That's 14 years. We once went to Dallas & stayed in a room right next to my inlaws for a wedding.

He complains about us sleeping in. I do tend to sleep in b/c my body is usually not at 100%. In fact, I don't think it's been even at 80% for years and probably is at about 70% most days. I know my lung function is normally about 70%. Kind of hard to have tons of energy when you aren't breathing fully!

This gets better. Since we will be "in the area" near MIL (we'll be about 1.5 hrs. from her, about the same as to get home), we need to spend the night with her on Friday & "discuss things" without the kids being there. WHAT??? I told him, "This is our anniversary, not mother-in-law time." How can one man make my blood boil so fast? GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

Okay, I'm done.
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