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Tuesday, July 20, 2010 10:50 AM, CDT

Hello all,

I just wanted to jump on here this morning to invite anyone in the Wellington, Kansas area to join us at the cemetery Wednesday morning, July 21st at 11:30 to release some butterflies at Sicily's grave (located in Sumner Memorial Gardens...look for our navy blue Nissan mini-van).

Tomorrow will mark four months since Sicily's “angel wings earning day.” The kids were gifted a butterfly kit from a dear friend and we now have seven Painted Lady butterflies, that we've personally raised, ready to be released into freedom. The timing could not have been more perfect for these butterflies to come into maturity and for us to be able to release them on one of the “monthly” anniversaries we are compelled to notice, celebrate, recognize...not sure what to really call them! This specie of butterfly only has a life span of two to four weeks, so we've had to make plans rather quickly. This will be a quick and simple little event, but meaningful for us, all the same.

The kids and I are making and decorating butterfly sugar cookies to share with those who want to be there with us. Again, this is in no way going to be any sort of big production. We wanted to release butterflies at the cemetery back in March when we first laid Sicily to rest, but do to the cool temperatures and questionable weather conditions, we had to opt for balloons instead of the butterflies. This is just a delayed small dream of mine, so we are just going to fulfill it. We are only driving up for the day and will head back home to Broken Arrow, OK by late afternoon.

We continue to “adjust and adapt” on a daily basis. I'm still working at living in “the day” and not thinking, worrying, or planning too much past this day. Some things require a little thinking, worrying and planning, but I'm trying very hard to eliminate a couple of unnecessary words in that process and letting God handle those tasks. Today is manageable. I am capable of handling the needs of today, whatever they may be...but only today's! Tomorrow should not weigh on my today! It will have to wait its turn!

I still have pages and pages of things I want to share and write about. Fear not, for I will conquer that personal need one of these days. Last week I found myself writing constantly. I stopped periodically to read what I had written and discovered a chapter of the book was just composed. So instead of journaling every single word that comes to mind and posting them on this site, I am actually “writing the book!” I said I would do my writing in God's time, but who knew He'd put me to work right away? Every morning last week I was scribbling away and jotting down words before they ran each other over by the next sentence of words wanting my attention. It was a bit frantic, but I later stood in awe of the connection to God that I truly feel and how He continues to inspire me.

I reported last Tuesday to having had a really good day. Without “spoiling” the chapter I already seemed to have written, I will say that it was because I was able to be around some people that I love dearly and who seem to reciprocate my emotions. I was only around them for a short period of time, but when I am around these people, who were intrinsic players in Sicily's short story of life, I can't help but to find myself happy! I feel like crying because they were a gift to me from Sicily. Without consciously knowing the path her life would take or when her physical existence would expire, she found ways to surround me, her mommy, with people who would bestow unconditional love upon our entire family.

All because of Sicily. “All Because A Little Girl Had Cancer!” This was part of her purpose in life. So much of her purpose in life is just now being discovered in hindsight, but at least we are able to discover these amazing purposes and let them help continue to heal our broken hearts. And the beauty of her life just continues to bloom brighter and brighter every day! This is what God does for those who believe and trust in Him! Once again I find myself humbled by His love and His sufficient grace! If I could bottle this feeling, I would inject it into every person who needs a little lift, like a B12 shot. A friend sent me a cute email that said, “The best vitamin for a Christian is B1.” I will admit that I am feeling pretty high on B1 these days.

I need to start rolling out the cookie dough and mixing the multitude of rainbow colors needed to decorate butterfly cookies so I'd better pry my positively charged fingers off of this magnetic keyboard. The chair at our computer desk is getting more and more comfortable the longer I sit in it which makes it even harder to walk away. Once the kids are back in school, I think I will hire myself to write this book and fulfill an incredible dream!

Everyone have a blessed day and we'll see some of you tomorrow!

All my love,

Everything can change in the blink of an eye. But don't worry; God never blinks.
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