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Good morning all! Vicki...I simply LOVE your invites and the sand ceremony. I have never heard that's beautiful. The big day for you is almost here! Sounds like you're running around like a chicken with it's head cut off! I think the invites are sooo beautiful. The daisy is perfect.
Kerriann, Love your cards...I loved the colors. I also LOVE your cheeky niece--those cheeks are soooo sweet!
Laurie, those pictures made me stop my whining and complaining DEAD in my tracks. I couldn't believe how one home would be destroyed and the next didn't even look like it was touched. I was especially touched by the picture of the man who said he was really upset about the tree falling down in his yard...until he walked over a street and saw homes destroyed. Yup, isn't that how we (or at least me) get all worked up about something..till we realize how bad it could really be.
I have had a busy week..i can't believe it's already Friday. Katie is off to college orientation and should be home this afternoon. She texted me real quick last night at 1am to let me know she's having fun. I can't wait to see her. Tomorrow is her graduation party. The pool is a lovely green! There is a problem with the filter and they can not get out to fix it till next week. I was major stressing over that --having a huge party with a god awful pool that no one can swim in...that is till I saw the pictures Laurie sent. Those pictures kind of remind you what is really devistating news and what is just an inconvience. What can you do? It is what it is. The important thing is Katie has graduated and is going on to college. I'm just going to keep saying that in my head all day tomorrow..LOL. Sean (my son) has major car issues and has decided it's time to bit the dust and buy a new car. He's doing that this morning with Jim. I am going to pick up all the food and get the house clean for tomorrow. I really can't wait to see Katie and see how she liked the college...did she find a she did on her placement tests....etc. I hope you are all safe and well.
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