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Ohh Sarah, I can relate also to what you're feeling. I too have a deep desire to make scriptural cards and give them away. I never know who to give them to though. My heart keeps saying, make the cards, make the cards as I so very much enjoy creating the vintage look and making the embellishments, etc. I had thought at one time, I was to sell my cards and donate the money to someone or a charity, but the thought of dealing with money aggravates me because I had an online shop once, I made primitive salt dough ornaments wholesale for businesses to put them into their "fixins" which was potpourri and it was a hit for a while and then after a few months I started to get very aggravated in having to create them, this gnawing in my gut to where I couldn't stand them. I quickly learned, for me, that taking something I enjoyed doing and turning it into a business was not what I was supposed to be doing. To be honest, I am not a natural born leader. I am a great follower to a great leader. I don't have a business sense, I want to create and have someone else do the marketing, business end.

So the very thought of taking something that I very much enjoy and that is creating scriptural vintage tags and to sell them is not soothing to my heart at all. I want to give them away.

I am going to be forty this year and I want to stand up for me and not be afraid anymore, the Lord has blessed me with an incredible life and creativity and I want that to shine.

A few months ago, I started thinking of a name for a blog and came up with The Glittered Lily and I have been working on it, it's almost done, just a few tweeks here and there. I may show you today and get some feedback on it.

Thanks for reading and listening!

Originally Posted by sarahstampart View Post
OMW- you have really touched on something I am currently dealing with there, Jennipher!!!

I was introduced to stamping a little over 6 years ago. I jumped into being a SU! demo very quickly in hopes of being able to acquire some stamps and supplies. Well, in the process of doing that I developed quite a business, but was devoting a LOT of time to it. For 6 years I have been devoting myself and my time to making sure I had really great projects for my clubs (I had 6 groups of ladies who regularly met), cards and projects for stamp camps, and I made sure my customers were getting their scrapbooks done and their Christmas cards made, etc. I had 11 demonstrators in my downline and held meetings for them and helped them get their businesses up and running.

Well, at the height of my small business success I had a fall (slipped on water on the kitchen floor) and injured my right arm and hand. I had just designed my DD's wedding invitations (but not yet made them all and only had a couple months to get them done). Thankfully, my best friend and several of my wonderful fellow-demo friends came to my rescue and in production line fashion got them ALL made! My best friend also made all the stamped table accessories I had planned.

Well, I got through that and thank the Lord my hand healed. But, it wasn't long after that (and now only weeks before DD's wedding) that I was in a car accident- hit by a drunk driver. I (again) had an injury to my hand, but much more significant was my back injury. Three years later I am still dealing with it.

So, over the last 3 years I have had to all but totally give up my business. My sales plummeted, and my downline basically dissolved. I have had to re-assess everything I now do that has anything to do with stamping!
In the process, I have realized that I no longer can have or even desire to have a "business". Sure, I have a few customers to keep me afloat and "active". But I am so "over it". I have looked back at my 6 years with SU! and see that yes, I have a LOT of supplies! Waaaay too many stamps and accessories, actually. I desperately need to weed out!

But what have I accomplished as far as stamping goes? Well, as I said, a lot of projects have been made for my customers. But I really have not done much for "me". I have made lots and lots of gifts for others- even scrapbooks for friends and loved ones. But I have never even made a complete book for myself! And that is what my original goal was- to get into scrapbooking, but I ended up being sidetracked by cards which led to becoming a demo, lol!

Anyway, my whole point in all of this is this:
I have now come to realize that what I most love to do is to make cards for others that bring a smile to their faces; a blessing to their lives. I have been feeling a strong desire to create cards that are Christian based, so to speak. I love to give people cards of encouragement or get well cards and cards with scripture on them. And through my blog I hope to share the word of God in a small way through my card making.

And on a personal goal level, I really want to do more scrapbooking. We never had a wedding album done (couldn't afford it when we got married and didn't have a very good photographer, but I do at least have quite a few pictures). And, after having four children, I have what seems like a million pictures, but never got around to making a single baby book! So, I would love to put these pics into scrapbooks.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I really relate to what you are saying Jennipher as far as where I am and where I am going with my creating. I started in one direction, got caught up in another and now I am looking at it all and trying to re-direct myself.

I would LOVE to be on a design team! I think it would be great fun, but I just don't know if I am anywhere near that level as far as my ability goes. My gosh- there are soooo many very, very talented stampers out there!
So for now I am just spending my time trying to make cards that I want to share with others on my blog and that I personally send/ give to people. I am really tired of the demo thing and think I need to get away from it before I lose the fun of it altogether, kwim? It's time to move on, and I am just praying that God shows me the direction HE wants me to go with it!

Wow- sorry to ramble on at such length, lol!!! But I really can relate to what you said!
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