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Hi Ladies! I am so sorry I disappeared over the past (ahem...several) days! I can't believe it's Thursday already! I managed to get all 18 challenges done for the VSN, and managed to NOT plant my garden! LOL It's officially on the agenda for Saturday and it's about 10x40 so we have a LOT of work to do! Thank goodness for the hubs and his Mighty Roto Tiller!

I am so in the no-ketchup camp! I'm definately a mayo-on-my-fries kinda girl, and gimme the relish/mustard/onions on my brats! I think it goes back to when I was a kid and we had a bottle that said Catsup.... my brother actually told me it was Cat-Soup! Yick! Besides, I like my tomatos savory, not sweet. I've actually heard of people slicing a tomato and then sprinkling sugar on it... eeew.

Kerriann - super cute baby card! I love that little ducky in the corner, perfect touch! Babies are so much fun, it seems like a third of my friends are pregnant right now! I've been cranking out pages for baby books left and right. *whew* I've been trying to make hand made gifts for Christmas each year, too. Unfortunately, my family is spread out all over the country, so shipping out packages is pretty spendy! Too bad we can't can in plastic jars, right? It sure would make things lighter! I like to send out home made hot chocolate and Chai tea mixes, 'cause those can be in a plastic bag instead of a glass jar. I also send out dog cookies, since everyone in the family has dogs!

Laurie - Bummer about the lack of connection! I'd be pretty lost, but then I'm online every day for work. Actually, I'd probably appreciate the quiet! LOL I got some very cute happy mail today! Thank you thank you thank you!! I'm also looking forward to trying out that recipe, there's a strawberry farm about 10 minutes away that my inlaws have all picked at for years. I'm seeing a field trip in my future!!

Holly - That cupcake recipe looks awesome too! What kind of texture do the strawberries have when the cupcakes are done? Kinda like apple pie, slightly softer but still has texture? Either way, it sounds nummy!!

Vikki Jo - I forgot to mention oh, a WEEK ago, that I Love your invites! They're adorable! My favorite flower is a daisy, and fave color is blue, so they're right up my alley! On the catnip note, my kitties are absolute addicts! We grow it fresh in the summer, and then dry some of it for the winter time. During the summer though, we'll mix some of the new leaves with the leftovers from the prior winter, and I'll mash them together in my mortar & pestle. The funny part is, I use my mortar when I cook also, and my fatcat comes running every time she hears the tink tink sound! Then she gives me "stink eye" when I show her it's just oregano and not catnip!

I just finished a stack of grad-party invites. The only request was that it have a Polar Bear and the color purple. I guess the Polar Bear is their school mascot, but I think they turned out pretty cute! I tried to keep the colors more grown-up so it didn't look like a kids birthday party. LOL I didn't think the 18 year old would appreciate it!
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