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This is My Story.
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Note: Anyone is welcome to play! Also, you do not have to write a story. You just have to be inspired by the teapot or by the story about this week's location! Have fun!

This is my story!

Special Note: Sorry for the late upload. I was waiting to see how things would shake out this morning at SCS! As you all know we have been asked not to upload to the gallery until SCS has things squared away. It seems cards have been disappearing, are not viewable, are sometimes replaced with red X's! After reading my challenge you will know it might be my fault! Snort! Don't tell anyone what I brought to the Tea Party this week! I don't wanna get kicked outa SCS!

1. If Teapot Tuesday was a race, I think I would be winning! Not because I would be winning, but because I am so far behind, it's like I'm in first!! I honestly can't believe how fast Tuesday snuck up on me! Being out of town didn't help but I am usually a little more on top of stuff! Heck, I haven't even commented on last week's cards and today a whole nuther teapot gallery will begin to magically appear! And that's not the only thing I have not done! Giggle!

2. Speaking of magic, this cute little teapot has just got to be straight outa the Magical Teapot Hall of Fame! It's gotta be! The black top hat, the magically appearing rabbit, the playing cards, and of course, the magical wand. And if all that is not enough, something magically strange happened to my card when this little teapot arrived. It disappeared! I know, I know, it seems a little fishy but I am not telling you a story, feedin' you a line! I made the cutest little card, the spittin' image of this teapot and once it was in the presence of this teapot, it magically disappeared! Just look at it below! It's not there! The only thing left is my watermark and Marilynn's wee little teapot pin! Yikes!!

AbraCaDabra, Hocus Pocus!!
How do I know my card is in focus?

3. Here's the trick Mick! Mick is David Copperfield's mentor! He's made 42,000 items disappear in his illustrious career! He taught David everything he knows! We are off to experience David Copperfield's magic, try to get a few pointers, tips, lessons in magic. Maybe meet the talented magician that is responsible for my card disappearing, magically removed with the watermark still there!! How might we bring it back? AbraCaDabra, Hocus Pocus!! How do I know if my card was in focus? Snort!

4. Just in case this little teapot and its magical abilities are too much for David to compete with and he can't solve the mystery of my disappearing card, then let's bring some magic of our own! We'll teach him how to make things disappear! Bring a card, any card, the sky's the limit, but in your commentary, you have to inform us of what was magically removed from it! What you made disappear, what was once there but is no longer!

Whut? I hope you guys don't think I am pulling your leg about my card magically disappearing! You might be thinking that I made this story up, never made a card in the first place! Well, I may have told a story or two in the past but I can guaranty that this challenge is not in the world of make believe. Its true, its for real! My card is simply not there and I sorta suspect it will never show up!! So show me your wonderful card inspired by this magical little teapot and let's hear about what you made disappear on your card! Remember, the sky is the limit, no requirements here!

I have help this week with two great sample cards!

One made by......

Oh no! The Teapotters Who Made My Sample Cards Disappeared!!

Here is where my card was!

Thank you all for understanding why my card truly is invisible this week! Thank you all for your kind words, cards, and thoughtful sympathy wishes! I will be back to Tea Party mode next week for sure![/SIZE][/B]

Quick Link to Teapot Tuesday #92 Challenge Gallery and our adventures with David Copperfield and his mentor!!

Be sure to you use KEYWORD MMTPT92 in your upload and post a comment here so we can all see your card!

Ever want to get a jump on next week's challenge card? I am posting a sneak peak (tea peek) on my blog each week showing you a glimpse of the following week's teapot as well as a hint of the story! It's at the end of the Teapot Tuesday Post each week. I usually post it a couple days after the Tuesday Challenge is posted. So, be sneaky and get a jump on the other tea-potters! Snort!

If you are confused about these challenge, see the first sticky post of this thread for more information. There is also a directory of individual challenges
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