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Originally Posted by Kjpp View Post
Vicki!!!! Hugs............hugshugshugshugs....more hugs....throwing a few more you again! sorry, but that's how I roll!!! I'm so sorry you are in this AWFUL pain, bit jealous of the percocet After I delivered my first baby, they gave me "percocet with a cranberry juice chaser". I got preggies with my second just for the pills! LOL..j/k! I can't imagine how difficult things are! I wish I was in your area--I'd make you a nice meal and clean up your house for you. Those are the things that drive you mad you can't do. we will just keep typing away here to give you some stuff to read till you can type again. Sounds like a plan!
Ok..Holly...those bags are TO DIE FOR!!!!! I am so jealous and in awe...I could NEVER do something that creative! You should make a business of it. are you and life?
I made Mother's day cards today, I'll post them later.
Ladies, I need some fast advice. I have someone who is a sweetie who wants to learn how to make cards. Dont ask me how I got mixed up in this..but she is suppose to come over tomorrow night with her SIL to make cards. I am in a total sweat!!!!!! Grab a couple of simple cards you and your sis have done, cut the stuff to make it again, but do not assemble. Do it twice and there ya go! LOL We're there with you in spirit, you'll do just fine! I don't know these folks too well. I don't know how to "show" someone how to make cards. My sister is a SU demo and I really rather she do it, but she can't make it tomorrow. Plus, tomorrow I'm going to take care of my Mom and give my dad a break. That will be a logn day never mind trying to get some idea of a card together or some snacks, Crackers, meat and cheese is best, no messy hands! Stay away from chips that make your fingers icky! Like cheese puffs! LOL my fave!!etc. I really hate to cancel...I don't like cancelling on anyone ..but I could probably pull off doing it...just a simple card...but I dont really feel like embracing this whole thing...god...god...ok..someone here make up my mind for me!

I am just busting up! That's so funny!
I think the percs make me crabby! I feel lazy and thats not me, so I wanna do something then I feel crabby.
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