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Real fast.. then I will go back and read.
Well Laurie.... thank you so much, that really saved me tons in typing THANK YOU!

I now only have us of my thumb on my right hand and even that hurts.
Wishing now I hadn't given my dd the Speak Easy for school! LOL

That cat, his name is Smurf, has not has any vaccinations since he was fixed 17 yrs ago. So I may very well be in trouble.
No Clint is not fond of cats, Louie adopted us shortly after his Rottweiler passed away. He possessed so many BIG dog qualities and really went out of his way to get to Clint.
Little things Louie does you would sewar it was Baby Dog reincarnated, Then my ds got a 6 week kitten only to not be allowed to keep it where he lived. Clint said it was okay for me to care for it until I found it a home. Well our Beagle became so close to it, Clint won;t let me get rid of it! Too funny!
Now this....
I am in pain, and emotionally distroyed. Clint wants Smurf dead now, but we have to wait 14 days to make sure its okay. i have to keep it away from all other animals and keep it fed and healthy.
It rips my heart out to lock anything up like that. I put him in the dog kennel, he has a pet carrier and his blankets, food and litter box.But no human contact at all.
He just lost John after 17 years, moved him here with all me critters only have to lock him up.
I do go back to the doc today ,they took enoguh blod from me to start another body up! LOL
She said my white count is okay, so I am home. On antibiotics and Percaset. I cant so any stamping, I have to even eat with the wrong hand. Any potty time... well lets just say THIS STINKS! LOL

On a brighter note... I have designed our wedding cards, but I can't do anything about it now.
Picture this... Bazzil Bling card stock
white 5 1/4 x 4 scallop
with a blue 5 x 3 3/4 layer with the info
Blue and white gingham ribbon and a blue flower with a rhinestone brad in the upper left corner
I am hoping to have the reception at his grand parents farm and I was gong for a country look
we first talked of a wedding at the court house and the party and grama and grampa's
now he wants to think about getting married at the farm too.

I thnk the pills are kicking in... I have spent 45 mintutes typing this and fixing typos!

I did read that someone ate a hearing aid! But for the life of me I can not remember much else. I'll go back!
I sure miss you girsl. Any new gallery updates? Anyone start a blog while I was gone!

now to figure out the wording.
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