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Originally Posted by Marleygo View Post
I can knit, but I prefer crocheting. Much, much faster!!!! Who needz what??? Get me the yarn and me wittle fingerz will get moving! Courze, we are all a zize small, right????????????? I mean, with all of thiz punching, we have lost a TON of weight, KWIM???? LOL!

THank you for welcoming me into this IMPORTANT GROUP!!!!! I feel special!!!

Az for my moniker, my hubbiez name is Mark, mine is Lesley, and our last name iz GOULD. We had alwayz zaid that if we ever owned a boat, we would call it "The Marley", after both of our names. But alas, we don't have a boat, but a camper!
When I zigned up for this ZCZ gig, I juzt added the 'go' after Marley.
Eazy Peazy!!! Now U know!

Benzi, Until I get to know you a wittle bettah, I'll call U Benzi.......for now....Mwahahahahahahahaaaaaa!!!!!!
Hey Kookzi: So glad to know the b/g of your username. I have to admit, thought I am such a very important and influential person, I did ponder a bit on that name. Debzi, a/k/a Ditzi666.99999999, has only time on her handz to ask such trivial questions. I'm too buzy trying to recruit new memberz to our groupzi!!

BTW, I don't believe it will take you long at all to be more than comfortable to call Benzi by her new name of Buttzi. I was being nice as I really wanted to call her "Hornzi" because she horned right into our group, but thought that would be in bad taste. I used a much more acceptable and respectable name of "Buttzi". I lookz out for herz all the timez, but she just doesn't appreciatez itz!! P.S. Hintz: If she ever sayz she's going to send you something "real", don't fall for itz. That'z what happened to poor ole Dizzy just astandingz by that empty mailboxz with frostbitten toezzzzzz!!!

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