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Default Good Evening!

Originally Posted by Kjpp View Post
Good morning ladies! I'm up early so I can get moving. I'm going to my sister's today to share some stamping. She hasn't used nesties before so I'm bringing mine for her to try. Hopefully, I'll get some stamping done. Usually, when we get together we gab all day!

Yea! i am so jealous.. someone to stamp with, in real life and in person! Playing with Nesties on top of that! Very jealous!!

Originally Posted by sempermom View Post
how was everyones Easter? ors was a good one.
Not much like Easter should be
Karen, WOW, 15 family members? you are brave, very brave! we have too much drama for big meals anymore!
I agree, none of my family can be together without drama
and 15 ppl not related.. now that would just be stressing! LOL
Laurie, hows the move? hope your catching a break now and then
Yeah, an update... hello! LOL
Vikki! i feel your pain, i think my folks are hoarders too....nick nacks on top of nick nacks behind nick nacks etc etc..........UGH!
Oh yes! and the videos and dvd's OMG! Unreal! Oh and Totes (the rubbermaid typer) big enough that I could fit in FULL OF paper back books!
course you all know Craft stuff does not count amongst hoarding things right? LOL......
Ok, I'll buy that.. craft stuff does not count.
But then again, my mom is a seam stress I have gotten her and my sister into paper crafts, and bead projects. You name it! I will show them something cool someone has done for me and they go out and buy everything needed to recreate it and then some!

Originally Posted by sempermom View Post
i'd love to hear about the camping trip! would love to visit down under!
Yeah.. you aren't on FB so I am assuming you are still gone! so gee, that means I am talking to myself then huh! LOL

this will give you a giggle, i use to think Koala's were so cute and gentle and cuddly! well, i saw a tv show where they were trying to rescue one and get him into a cage, OMG, the growls and snarling that came from him were astounding!!!
I still think Koala's are cute.. nothing can out do an angry raccoon! They are mean creatures!

Originally Posted by Kjpp View Post
Evening to all! Easter was very nice!
Holly...I had 15 but we they all yell over each other to tell their own story. So it was a lot of fun and no drama! the best thing was that they all had a great breakfast...lots of laughs ...and then left! So I was able to go to the movies and enjoy the beautiful day. I saw Clash of the Titans. Good campy film! Don't go for the story...just go for the special effects. I got some cards made today...whooohoo! My sister and I both made sure we didn't just talk away the day but we got some creative juices flowing. I posted my cards to my gallery if you want to take a look. I'll pop in there next do you "track" your cards? I've seen on SC how some write down what they have made and how much it cost or how much they made???? Is this what you mean?? i am in a group on here where you keep track of all the stuff you already have, and give yourself credits when you use things before buying more, each person has their own way. gallery uploads are worth a buck in my book! LOL . did you do with your computer?
Well tomorrow I have a meeting starting at 8am and it's a two hour drive to get to it..ugh! I'll be glad when I'm homeand with my wine!
While moving my mom and sister I found several flavors of wine coolers, I thought of you girls and giggled! I can not have the stuff... MIGRAINE from hell after a few sips
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