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There was a thread going on here at SCS a couple of days ago regarding cash and carry for SU demos (weíre not supposed to do it). Apparently I'm 'link' challenged today so I'll give the condensed version:

One person quoted 'Character is what you have when no one but god is watching'.

Someone responded: If God is watching SU demos to make sure they are not selling cs by the sheet, S/He must be having a very slow day. (gotta love it!)

The response to that was a rather ominous: God is watching. The consequences come later.

The conversation should have been basic right versus wrong. If you sign an agreement saying you wonít do something, you just donít do it. But 'god is watching and the consequences come later'? Really? Wow. Apparently some people can't leave god out of anything, including crafting. It's very frustrating. And it's also very frustrating that god can be brought up in almost any thread but I felt I needed to be respectful and keep my religious beliefs (well, lack of) out of a conversation about friggin' card stock so I didnít comment.

Have any of you seen the Kia commercial w/ the sock monkey and his pals? With the muno doll (the knobby guy) standing up through the sunroof with his arms thrown wide and 'How do ya like me now' blaring? I always think 'wow, that's kinda like gods attitude'. Childish, I know. But I think it every time I see that commercial.
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