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Originally Posted by bksjones View Post
My thoughts on this are not based on religion, more on what I feel and what I've experienced. As I've said before, I don't know if there is a God or not, but I feel that there is something more than our senses tell us. I really want to believe that there is life-after-death because I have a really hard time accepting that I will never see my dad again. I don't belive in hell at all. I feel that life is a learning experience and that we are meant to reach an objective each time around. My uncles believe that we set up certain obstacles and challenges for ourselves before we come back. With all that stated, I accept the fact that I could be completely wrong and there could be nothing...just the end. But I hope for more...
As all the various religions are so different it seems that all of us that question or don’t believe are also so different. I don’t want to believe in an after life. I choose to believe that our life is what we make of it and when it ends by death, we’re done. It’s just too exhausting to think we’d have to go through it again in a different manner to reach a different meaning.

As for the existence of a god – right now I’m in Woody Allen’s camp, ‘If god exists, I hope he has a good excuse’. Realistically, I can’t believe in a ‘supreme being’ because I would spend way too much time and energy being pissed off at it.

It seems like a lot of religion is al a carte, but I think if you believe in heaven you have to acknowledge the existence of hell???
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