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Ok so I'm reconnecting (thanks FB!)with some cousins that I was very close to when I was little. And I have to say the God is GOOD spiel is getting to be too much. One cousin had a kid out of wedlock, then married another guy, had three kids, he's in jail, she divorced him, they had both had drug issues early on and she's a grandmother in her early 40s, course her oldest is going to Tulane next fall so good things too.

Well I'm chatting with her and she mentions she sells Avon because we were talking about my participation in the Avon Walk. She has been doing it to keep her head up as a second job since she doesnt' get child support and she says God is GOOD! Um what about just you working hard and being responsible to get as many jobs as it takes to support your family? How is God in any way helping?
I lost track of my thoughts here. I wanted to add a few thoughts
Where was god when she was using? When she was having abortions? When her mom was dying of cancer or her dad was smoking himself to death? Why didn't got provide for all those things?

I was thinking about some people's comfort of an after life, heaven. I see no comfort in that. What comfort is there is being gone from this world and missing everything. Or is the "answer" that you don't? You are different then. No remorse, no missing family and friends? Is the promise of being reunited that strong? What about the utter hopelessness of NOT being reunited with someone you care about who is not a believer?
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