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Originally Posted by Samantha View Post
Hey Sophie and everyone,
What really gets me is that I have a "friend" and every Holiday letter I get, she says that God has blessed her family that they have been kept healthy. Hmmm...why is her family any better in God's eyes than mine. We have been crapped on. So does her God have a master plan that some children are supposed to be raed, abused and killed? Nope, I don't think so. Is his plan that bad people live a healthy life and the good peope suffer?

I think it is just plain bad luck and God has nothing at all to do with anythig.
Um... and is God just super-impressed by her sensitivity in firing this note off to someone who's had an incredibly tough battle with cancer? Nice.

It's funny because I've always loved the St Francis quote Alyson shared with me: 'Preach the gospel at all times. When necessary, use words.' Someone who would do that to you, Sammie, just preached that they believe their religion entitles them to rub their good fortune in the nose of someone who doesn't share it. If that truly embodies the humility and compassion Jesus preached, well, I wish people would quit asking why I feel so much fellowship with agnostics and doubters.

I do very deeply appreciate that you all tolerate me so warmly.

I have to say that I have an incredibly hard time with people who'd say things like this, Sammie, but if they themselves suffered misfortune, as Wrose noted, they'd undoubtedly gloat that God picked them for this to bring them closer to Him. It's not the closeness to God or the gratitude for the good things in their lives or the prayer in difficult times that disturbs me, but the smugness about boasting about how everything becomes a sign of how special and righteous they are for believing so much.

Sigh. I wonder when dressing nicely and not complaining while you fast, or doing good deeds quietly went out of style. I know it hasn't for many believers but the ones who seem to feel not only entitled to boast, but who consider it some essential part of 'witnessing' make me very sad and discouraged about religion.
God sent angels down to earth in the form of dogs with notes saying 'don't judge, just love.' They ate the notes but keep trying to deliver the message.
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