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Originally Posted by frosted_gorilla View Post
I'm going to have a big hole in my tongue if I keep biting it. It's all I can do sometimes, because questioning my family on some items is near impossible. My aunt sent out another chain email saying we all need to pray to God to "guide someone to find a cure for cancer." And I though, hey, if the dude's omnipotent and all, can't he just take out cancer on his own?

So God has known all along this particular doc would be able to cure cancer since before the doc was conceived? (I knew you before I formed you in the womb? / predestination) So the hundreds of thousands, or however many people died from, were afflicted with or affected by cancer before this Doc was conceived until he discovers a cure, were what?
If God knew everything about the doc, then didn't God know the answer to cancer? Is this where we are just to suppose to have faith and not question "the Plan"? or is this where the "we have free will" comes in? or the part where we just accept that we can't/aren't supposed to understand God's will?
It makes no sense to me at all.
Makes no sense to me either.

I always throw the "free will" thing back at my mom when she says that she prays for me to become a Christian. As long as I have free will (that her God gave me), I won't, and I say that that IS God's answer to her prayer; a big NO.

Also whenever she says anything like "thank God for our health (or whatever)", then I think what about people who DON'T have health?? Do they thank God for their crappy health?? Well, of course not, but they still pray to this God (who did NOT give/bless them with good health) to help them get through it. I sooooooooo do not understand.

And about God taking out cancer on his own, I read a quote when I was a kid: the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. Well, if God's real, that's basically what I think he's doing - nothing.
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