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This is My Story.
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This is my story!

1. Well, its been quite sometime since I hosted a Teapot Tuesday challenge and I am thrilled to be back. Thanks to the many wonderful stampers who kept my challenge going while I was absent.

It seems the word is out, after months and months or even years and years of dumpster diving, conniving, begging, pleading, and border-line just plain stealing (yikes!), I finally got my Wild Wild West man! Yep, a bunch of my kind and generous fellow stampers managed to pull off one big birthday surprise back in October and gave me a happy ending to my search for The Man!

2. Well, we're off to Dodge City and I KNOW what's wrong with Miss Kitty! She has about had it with her man! (You know, Marshall Matt Dillon ) Yah, I know, Matt is a most wonderful man, kind and caring, big, tough and good looking, sensitive and fun to be with! Just look at him! Don't you agree?

But, there is more to a man than that! 42,000 times he has promised her a wedding and 42,000 times he's galloped off in pursuit of bad guys! Let's face it people, he is married to his job! So, when Miss Kitty heard I got my man (My Wild Wild West Man) and knowing that was not an easy task to accomplish, she's asked for help. After 42,000 years of Matt Dillon and his Gunsmoke, she's ready to find a new man! That's where we come in! Besides, Miss Kitty says the saloon's offering of tea is quite invigorating! Snort!

3. We're off to Dodge City to bring a new man to Miss Kitty! She's really quite open about the whole thing. A cowboy would be nice, but she knows a change might be good too! Maybe a Doctor, a Wall Street Wizard, a Gnarly Construction Worker, or even a good looking Chef! She only has one request and that is that we stay away from the Festus Haggin type. As much as she loves Festus (Matt's Assistant) she can't bare to date the likes of him! Look at him, I don't blame her! His mule is better looking than him! Snort!

4. So, here is the Plan, Dan. (Dan is the drunk sleeping it off in the jail cell!) Here's your chance to make an awesome man-card, let's bring a hunk or two to Miss Kitty and no worries if you don't have a hunk to bring, there's some other options for sure:

Option #1 - A hunk, need not be a cowboy!

Option #2 - A Festus type (Hey, we can always blindfold Miss Kitty and by the time she finds out what he looks like, we'll be off to the next teaparty! Besides, Dan won't tell cuz he's always drunk! Oh yah, one more thing, Festus types have to come in the back door!

Option #3 - A cute little cuddly animal to keep Miss Kitty company! How many times has Miss Kitty said, "Matt, you spend more time with your horse than you do with me!" She really is quite fond of animals! And look how cute Festus' mule is!!!

Option#4 - A pretty flower, a pretty dress, a pretty pair of shoes, a pretty hair clip, necklace or ring, pretty much anything pretty. She is definately a girly girl, you can tell just by looking at her (picture on my glob!) When she gets a peek at something pretty, she will forget all about her man trouble! Snort!

Be sure to you use KEYWORD MMTPT75 in your upload and post a comment here so we can all see your card!

Here is a link to my Teapot Tuesday #75 card.
Here is a link to the MMTPT75 Challenge Gallery and our adventures in Dodge City!!

Ever want to get a jump on next week's challenge card? I am posting a sneak peak (tea peak) on my blog each week showing you a glimpse of the following week's teapot as well as a hint of the story! It's at the end of the Teapot Tuesday Post each week. I usually post it a couple days after the Tuesday Challenge is posted. So, be sneaky and get a jump on the other tea-potters! Snort!

If you are confused about these challenge, see the first sticky post of this thread for more information as well as a directory of individual challenges.
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