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Challenge Directory:

Challenge MMTPT59

Beeford Bumble and the Bees!
Challenge MMTPT60
Only 42,000 Pounds of Fish!
Challenge MMTPT61
Clue-less at Tudor Mansion
Challenge MMTPT62
Rockin' with Zeke, Zena and the Zebroids!
Challenge MMTPT63
Saving Ladybug Lou-la-Bella Rock-a-Fella!
Challenge MMTPT64
A-Tisket, A-Tasket, There's a problem with our Basket.
Challenge MMTPT65

Blacken White's Gettin' Color Tonight!
Challenge MMTPT66
All Shiny, All Spiffy, We'll be there in a Jiffy!
Challenge MMTPT67
All You Need is Love! (Thank you Charlene!)
Challenge MMTPT68
Cardinals (Thank you Marilyn!)
Challenge MMTPT69 -
Hangin' with Johnny Cash! (Thanks Maureen!)
Challenge MMTPT70
What Don't You Want? (Thank you MrsBoz!)
Challenge MMTPT71
What Do Snowmen Do at Night? (Thank you lisa lara!)
Challenge MMTPT72
You're Invited to a Cookie Walk! (Thank you Pidgesmom!)
Challenge MMTPT73
Big Christmas Party at the Rodents! (Thank You MarilynPrestonn)
Challenge MMTPT74
This Ain't No Picnic (Thank You Cook22!)
Challenge MMTPT75
We're Off to Dodge City! What's wrong with Miss Kitty?
Challenge MMTPT76
Where's the Bad Apple that put Annie on her Fannie?
Challenge MMTPT77
Breakfast at Tiffany's - Teapot Tuesday Style!
Challenge MMTPT78
Down Here in This Boat! We're stuck in the Moat!
Challenge MMTPT79
Ya think he's too little? He's stuck in the middle!!
Challenge MMTPT80
It's so much more spacious, without Bodacious!
Challenge MMTPT81
They're Outa Confetti, Just Bring Some Spagetti!
Challenge MMTPT82
Gimme' Some Soup! I did a Loop-de-Loop!
Challenge MMTPT83
That's the Madd Hatter? I thought he'd be fatter!
Challenge MMTPT84
Aquilta The Hun! She's not so much fun!
Challenge MMTPT85
Shoeby, Shoeby, Dooby! It's Flat Footed Booby Ruby!
Challenge MMTPT86
Chris Got Cross! He Tossed His Boss!
Challenge MMTPT87
Aww..Come On There Brutus! Help us Out or Just Shoot Us!
Challenge MMTPT88
Yo! Yo! It's Frizzle Da Dizzle, Da Teapot Sizzle!
Challenge MMTPT89 - A Tuesday Teapost
For the One With the Most! (Thanks Kelly!)
Challenge MMTPT90
Too Tall Tony McTea! He's So Tall, He Can't Fall!
Challenge MMTPT91
Sadie, My Lady! That's Just a Tad Shady!
Challenge MMTPT92
Abracadabra, Hocus Pocus! How do I know my card is in focus?
Challenge MMTPT93
Felica Batisha! She thinks she smells Freecia!
Challenge MMTPT94
Seth the Sailor is Seeking Safety (Thank you Barbara!!)
Challenge MMTPT95
Trish LaFish's Wish (Thank you Fran!!)
Challenge MMTPT96
It's no Scam! He's still on the Lam! (Thank you Sheri!!)
Challenge MMTPT97
Darla The Dragonfly! (Thank you Bonnie!!)
Challenge MMTPT98
New York Nellie! California Kelly! Quit Laughing at the Bus Driver's Belly!
Challenge MMTPT99
This Rain's Insane! Let's Take the Birdbrain Train!
Challenge MMTPT100
My Oh My! It's Kahuna Kai!!
Challenge MMTPT101
Oh Fiddle! Oh Faddle! He's Spotless in Seattle!!
Challenge MMTPT102
Just Do It! Samantha, Why Can't Ya?
Challenge MMTPT103
What Shape are the Tarts? Did she say Hearts??
Challenge MMTPT104
Rambin' Rick and Jabberin' Joe! Oh No! Moe is too slow!
Challenge MMTPT105
Petticoats, Bloomers, and Tea! It's Penelope, Blossum and Bea!
Challenge MMTPT106
Hey, Get Off The Mound! You're no Bad News Bassethound!!
Challenge MMTPT107
Gullible Gill Jumped Up the Hill and The Boys Swam Panicking After!
Challenge MMTPT108
They Run Like the Dickens! I'm So Sick of These Chickens!
Challenge MMTPT109
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Parrot! Let's Have Cake and Not a Carrot!!
Challenge MMTPT110
Look At Us Fly! We're So High! Time to Try a Flutter-by!
Challenge MMTPT111
It's the Fast and The Furriest! Aren't You Just a Tad Bit Curious?
Challenge MMTPT112
Nibbles and Fritz and A Feline Fantasy Blitz!
Challenge MMTPT113
Nanner, Nanner Boo! Boo! I Even Won This Tu-Tu!
Challenge MMTPT114
Turn Off That Computer! Here's Comes the Recruiter!
Challenge MMTPT1115
It's Disaster for Casper! The White and Friendly Ghost!
Challenge MMTPT116
You're Hired! Your'e Wired? Your'e Tired? Well, Now You are Fired!
Challenge MMTPT117
Did the Flagger Just Stagger? I Think That's Mick Jagger!
Challenge MMTPT118
That's Not Hodge Podge, Rauge! Get Back to the Taj Ma Lodge!
Challenge MMTPT119
Daisy, Delilah, Lou and the Blue Canoe!
Challenge MMTPT120
Route 66 is Over Rated! 88 is Completely Shaded!
Challenge MMTPT121
This Bridge is a Leanin'! The Town Folk Are Steamin'!
Challenge MMTPT122
Below is Your Finch! Don't Worry, It's a Cinch!
Challenge MMTPT123
That's Horace, The Talk of the Chorus! He's Headed for Divorce!
Challenge MMTPT124
Boisterous Bree, You're the Next Star of Glee! Be Done with this Holiday Shopping Spree!
Challenge MMTPT125
Water Colors, Oils, and Chalks! Hey, What's that Under Your Smock?
Challenge MMTPT126
Yah, It's Red Jed! But It's Not That Kind of Hat Matt! What's Your Job Bob?
Challenge MMTPT127
It's Winnie, Not Whinnie! You're Such a Big Ninnie!
Challenge MMTPT128
I Beg Your Pardon! Is Too Gold in the Garden!
Challenge MMTPT129
Bad Dogs, Bad Dogs, Whatcha Gonna Do? Whatcha Gonna Do When We Come For You?
Challenge MMTPT130
It's Pink and It's Blue! It's All About Two! Throw A Monkey In There Too!
Challenge MMTPT131
Cherry Cherry Mon Cherie! Cherry Cherry Go Jerry!
Challenge MMTPT132
This Can't Be Right! There's Nuttin' In Sight!
Challenge MMTPT133
McWhoo and McWhoolister Sitting In a Tree! Thank You Guys, Let's Toast Our Tea!
Challenge MMTPT134
Look At Me Clancey! I Am So Fancy! Get Off The Phone Simone! I Am First! I Am The Worst!
Challenge MMTPT135
He Slurped Up His Noodle, Gave One To His Poodle and Said, "Oh, What A Good Boy Am I!"
Challenge MMTPT136
Bust A Move, Get In The Groove! It's a Night At The Roxbury!
Challenge MMTPT137
A Penny For Your Thoughts? Oh, It's You Mrs. Watts! I Admire You Lots and Lots!
Challenge MMTPT138
Are You Outa Your Gourd? I Ordered A Ford!
Challenge MMTPT139
Oh My Gosha Sasha! A Proposal From McTibbons Is Contingent Upon Ribbons!
Challenge MMTPT140
Help Me Out! Don't Be Lazy! I Can't Clear That Big Ole Daisey!
Challenge MMTPT141
That's It! Saul Can Throw A Fit! I'm Out! Let Him Start To Pout!
Challenge MMTPT142
That's Shelley Mae Shulep, She'll Hollar And Hoolep! Where's My Mind Julep? You Poured it In a Tulip?
Challenge MMTPT143
She's Doin' Her Best! But She Just Failed The Test! One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest!
Challenge MMTPT144
I'm Late! I'm Late! For A Very Important Date! Sorry Will and Kate!
Challenge MMTPT145
Jake Get The Rake! Joe Grab The Hoe! Reggie Ate The Veggies With Just Two Days To Go!
Challenge MMTPT146
I Can't Get This Twang! This Music's Way Too Slow! I Like What You Sang! Let The Beach Steal The Show!
Challenge MMTPT147
Boop! Boop! Wanna Wadda Willy's Chew? Boop! Boop! Gotta Wadda Willy's Chew! Boop! Boop! Wanna Lotta Willy's Chew?

For Teapot Tuesday Challenges 1 through 58 were started on my blog which I have deactivated at this time! Yikes!

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