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Originally Posted by Salster View Post
I'm with you Victoria. I believe in ghosts and think reincarnation is a real possibility...there's just something too strange about deja vu! lol
Anyhow, I have no belief in what was written in the bible as "truth," but for some reason I do hold on to the existance of a supreme being - could be the aliens that seeded our planet!
I think that there is a huge difference between religion and spirituality. I tried very hard to believe in the (very loose) Christianity by which I was raised, and even thought about becoming Catholic in my late teens, but the more I read and learned, the less sense it made. None of the monotheistic religions make any sense to me, and are just so hypocritical (as we have discussed before). I've studied Buddhism as well, and while the foundation and basic tenents speak to me, I still can't believe in the gods part of it.

However, I feel that there is something more that what we can see. I've also had experiences where I saw things before they happened, or felt like I had done exactly this. For me, that's deja vu--feeling certain I've done something before not just seeing it. I've never had a personal experience with ghosts, but I know many people who have.

How interesting, pattyIt, that you feel zero belief in spirituality. That is precisely why I consider myself agnostic and not atheist--I just can't say that I know for sure. I don't believe in religion but I just feel that there is something more. I agree with you completely about our penchant for patterns. I think it is when events don't fit the patterns that make me question atheism.
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