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Originally Posted by bksjones View Post
Welcome, slane2. Glad you found us. And happy holidays to all.

I've been thinking lately...I have two uncles who believe that they have spirit guides who speak to them from the other side and relay messages from loved ones who have crossed over. I've heard people talk of their beliefs in these same terms (many famous psychics in recent years), and my uncles have held these beliefs for as long as I can remember so I don't know where, when, how they developed them. If there is no god or after-life how does one explain these beliefs? (I aks with an open mind). Any thoughts?
I would personally chalk it up to brain chemistry or neurons firing.

I heard a talk when I was in college by someone who studied that stuff, and he theorized that there had been brain changes in the last couple thousand years, that would explain the way so many used to seemingly "hear" things - thinking they were being spoken to by God - and that it had become so much less in recent centuries. In fact, at this point in time, we usually say someone is crazy if they go around exclaiming they are hearing things.

So that's one thought.......

The way I look at it, there have been some really holy people that never claimed to actually "hear" anything from God. And there have been some real nut cases that have.

So - what to believe. Brain chemistry does it for me.
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