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THANK YOU MR. TELLS ALL, (something a little fishy even in your NAME) for boosting my faith in the SCS community - I have not read this entire thread but what I have read has MADE MY DAY as a 13 year employee of SU, and believer that they really DO care about us demonstrators more then ever!! The support here is so refreshing!! Now that you can't say we STILL don't have rubber mounts.....there had to be something else for bash material??? Never form your opinion from what others say.......get to know and understand what is REALLY going on.......I will gladly recruit you if you would like to get a real inside look at how much they care about us, but don't bash from hear say. IMHO, I owe so much to the generosity of SU, and Shelli could not be further from greedy then she is!!! It's a company like any other company, not perfect, but IMHO a highly competitive and savvy one!! And of course other companies offer stuff I love too, but if I'm being business savvy I will not represent those other products.....especially at an SU event!! Why does everyone bash SU for doing what any company with 1/2 a business brain would do????? I'll be here for the next 13 years.....and beyond, and I have had real experience with the company too, as for 10 or so of the 13 years when I still lived in NY I was a high achiever, and now since I moved to Ohio, I do enough business to get my DL check because I took on a full time job at a dentist's office for the health benefits - so I can say from real experience that I know what they treated me like when I was a high producer and I know what they treat me like NOW, and there is no difference. And for anyone wanting to build a business that can carry them thru years and years.....I still make more from SU then I do at the dentist's office!! When I moved here I thought I would just do this long enough for my husband to find a job with benefits and then I also began to love my job at the dentist's office but the beauty is in 6-8- or 10 years when the dentist retires I will be able to take my thriving business and build it back to where it's a brilliant way to earn income - and I cannot say enough about SU and what it has done for our family. Sorry to get on my soap box again, but I am passionate about this company - and even when they make decisions that aren't my favorite I think hmmm......they are running a multi million dollar company and I am not.......hmmmmmm.......just saying........okay- for those of you who read this whole post - you must like me. Merry Christmas everyone! Happy New Year!!
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