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Saturday, December 26, 2009 9:08 AM, CST


The phone rang at around nine o'clock this morning and I heard a sweet little voice say, "Mommy, when you come to the hospital, will you bring a BBQ sandwich (Arby's) and pizza?" My heart did a flip! ; ) "Of course I will," I told her! She said she slept great. Last night Patrick said they discovered her right ear was red and inflamed with an infection...most likely causing her fever. She hasn't had an elevated temp since 10:00pm. He also said they went ahead and gave her a blood transfusion last night...number seven, I think. I'm starting to lose track. Thankfully I have it documented in her "beads of courage" strands!

Even though we think the cause of the fever has been pinpointed, it depends on who the doctor on call is this weekend whether or not Patrick can twist their arm into letting us "spring" Sicily out. Even though she is under the care of her fav nurse, she feels better at home and we are pretty good care givers. We've done alright so far. The magic number of forty-eight hours derives from how long certain cultures take to grow and determine if she has certain bacteria that would require more powerful medications to treat. She is already on an antibiotic now for her ear infection, and we can take that over at home. Pray for the mind and heart of the decision makers to let Sicily come home. If something shows up from the cultures, we just bring her back! Her new baby doll and pink polka dotted stroller are sitting and patiently waiting by the Christmas tree for her return.

Last night, as I was saying good night to the older three and explaining to them about Sicily's ear and hopefully that is the explanation for her sudden fever, Elias, who received his dream Christmas present, said he'd rather have Sicily back home than have that gift. There's my Christmas!!! I found it!!! Elias has the knack of saying the right thing at the right time without even knowing he is doing it. He also does the opposite from time to time, as well. He is just a purely innocent little eight year old boy that speaks from his mind, heart and soul...whatever it may be.

I have to share a little story that occurred on Christmas eve that affected me and emptied out my "box of hope"...but only temporarily. There is an old Czech tradition that Patrick's grandparents used to celebrate at Christmas and we try to carry it on. It involves an apple, candy and nuts with each one being symbolic in a certain way. Each person takes their turn cracking a raw nut to for tell their health for the year to come. If the meat of the nut is good, the person will have good health, if the opposite is discovered, the person's health will be affected in some way.

Before we did this little tradition, we had been discussing how one year the only person to get a bad nut was one of our nieces who ended up having a bad knee injury. Now, I am not a superstitious minded person, but sometimes things still implant themselves in my mind, and their symbolism still means something to me. To make a long story short, Sicily cracked a bad nut. I wanted to throw the whole bowl out the window. It upset me and made me lose site of my determination to hold onto hope! Again, I know it really does not mean that she is doomed to have bad health, but it did not help detour the heavy weight I feel in my heart!

I am doing better today. Just hearing Sicily's voice sounding chipper and her having the desire to eat does tremendous good. The other three kids are doing good, as well, and are such a great comfort to me! I need to run pack a bag incase they won't let Sicily come home so I can trade with Patrick, who isn't feeling very good himself. I will update later if anything changes.

Thank you all for your constant prayers and support. They are my fuel and the fire that keeps me going!

Love to you all!

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