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Originally Posted by Momofoneson View Post
Not true. Demos do not work harder than anyone. Demos need only make 300.00 per quarter in sales to make minimums. I am an engineer and a writer. I work 7 days a week, at least 16 hours a day. If I'm not at my corporate job, then I'm writing so much that my son complains. I can't quit my corporate job. I have 20 years invested in it, a retirement package that I will lose should I quit and health insurance that my family needs. An SU demo can quit. If SU is their only job, they should be out there looking. There are jobs out there. Really. You can't make enough money to support a family selling SU. I don't know any demos who do it as their only source of income for their families. My job is my only source of income for my family. My husband lost his job when our corporation cut many jobs. He hasn't been able to find work because he's going on 51 and it seems that everyone wants young blood these days. Anyway, just thought I'd disagree with your statement. There are days when I too hate my day job, especially when my boss is being a j*ck*ss, but SU is not the only company out there that has independent contractors sell their stamps. CTMH and TAC also have independent contactors sell stamps and they don't police their demos to the point of telling them what they can or can't put on their personal blogs. Yikes, smells of big brother and I love SU products.

Anyway, God Bless Us, Everyone! Merry Christmas and a Very Blessed and Healthy New Year!
Ok, I said I was leaving but I wanted to clear this up. You misquoted me or at least misunderstood what I meant and maybe I didn't state it clearly. I meant that demos who's only source of income probably have to work a bit harder than us demos that have a full time job that is our main source of income. And actually SOME demos do make enough to support their families. They work 99% harder at it than someone like me. And just for the record, making your minimums only keeps you active, it doesn't make you much money (not that I really care, I'm a hobby demo for the most part). But really as you said 20% of 300 isn't much. And yeah an SU demo can quit but what if that IS thier only income at the moment...some is better than none. I was NOT complaining about the hard work that it takes. Just trying to get the point across to some people who don't seem to get it, that it IS hard work, it's not ALL fun and stamping (which by the way I enjoy the work part of it). I know that CTMH demos and all the other ones work just as hard, it has nothing to do with the company but the direct selling business as a whole. Does that make sense? Everyone hates their jobs sometimes (and I LOVE mu SU job compared to my real one most days!). And yes I chose SU! and I love it and I'm sticking with it. Just like I chose my real job too!

So I in no way meant that no one else worked as hard, that's just silly. Heck, I often work 12-16 hours days and over 50-80 hours a week...I work late hours or early hours, I don't get a lunch break or dinner break many days...have to work in the rain or the heat or the I KNOW about hard work and I would never tell anyone they didn't work hard, so sorry if that was mis-stated.

Hope that cleared it up for you and merry Christmas. I really am done with this's just hard to leave when someone misunderstands you
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